Time tracking and productivity analytics for SMEs

Make better decisions for your business every day

Get insights into your team’s workloads, activities, and schedules with employee-friendly automated time tracking

Automated workday analytics

Wherever your people work, reduce management time and increase your visibility of what they are working on

Keep a handle on your costs

Know exactly how much it’s costing you to get work done and measure the productivity of your people

Improve and grow your business

Share best practice among all your team members so you can get better together and scale your team with ease

SMEs are getting these results with Time Doctor...

Changed how we work

“Time Doctor’s Workday Insights give upUgo the ability to make data-driven decisions that will help the company scale successfully and ensure that quality standards are maintained.”

Reduced unbilled time

We discovered that creating reports took us 2.5x longer than we were billing for - so we changed our pricing model.

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Track the productivity of your teams to improve efficiency

Worked time in TD Desktop App

Time Doctor’s productivity features ensure your team is focused wherever they work.

  • Reduce your admin time by automatically checking employee attendance and timesheets.

  • Get email alerts when staff don’t show up and keep team everyone focussed with friendly pop-ups.

  • Know what websites and apps your teams are using so you can be sure they’re being productive.


Top 3 Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

Based on the experiences of some of our most successful customers, here are the top 3 productivity strategies. We also explain how to use Time Doctor data to get these valuable workday insights at your agency.

Take on more work by improving productivity

Productivity Tab Image

Fix your efficiency and productivity challenges so you can get more done with the resources you have.

  • Share real-time dashboards and customized reports across your team to promote openness and collaboration.

  • Set clear goals and expectations based on real data, and understand what people find easy and hard to do.

  • Fix inefficient processes and find new opportunities for productivity gains - you can even understand what to automate.

Empower your team members to improve

Productivity metrics in TD web app

Analyze and share time tracking and productivity data so everyone can improve:

  • Share data on how your best performers work so other team members can see how it’s done.

  • See how individuals prefer to work so you can tailor their working environment to get the best out of them.

  • Recognize everyone for their achievements to boost employee engagement and reduce attrition.

Success Story

Time Doctor saves us SIX figures per year in software licenses!

“We used to have a couple hundred licenses of a popular graphics design app, and now we have less than 50. We had little visibility into who was actually using the app. There was no way to get this data other than using Time Doctor.”

Help your people get better together and show your clients how it's done

Measuring and analyzing how employees spend their time uncovers better ways of doing things, saves time and money, makes everyone accountable, empowers people to improve their performance, wherever they work, and enables you to transparently demonstrate your value to your clients.