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Top 2 Challenges for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Consistently analyzing the productivity of your company is crucial for growth. As organizations continue to transition to remote and hybrid workforces many are struggling with two major areas:

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Lack of visibility

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Lack of workday data

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Workday Insights from Time Doctor

Time Doctor tracks all workday activity providing companies with actionable data to help identify where resources and improvements are needed to increase productivity.

What we track:

  • Active hours worked by day, week, or month
  • Daily productivity levels
  • Attendance reporting
  • Schedule adherence
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Website and app usage
  • Number of projects and tasks completed
  • Project timelines - hours spent on projects
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Time Doctor Solutions for Increased Productivity

Time Doctor offers productivity features to ensure that teams stay focused and on task.

  • Distraction & Reminder Alerts - Friendly pop-ups to refocus team members.
  • Website and App Monitoring - Know what sites are visited and see the total time spent in each tool.
  • Detailed Reporting - Receive automatic daily and weekly reports that contain key insights into overall productivity and project updates.
  • Optional Screenshots- Create accountability by recording activity only when team members are working.
  • Customizable Productivity Settings - Tag what sites you consider unproductive for each team.
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Real time data at your fingertips

Time Doctor dashboards provide instant insights in one centralized place for maximum visibility.

Manager dashboards

  • Total hours tracked per user
  • Productivity breakdowns by day, week, or month
  • Highest and lowest performers
  • Top used websites and apps
  • Top projects by hours worked
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Team member dashboards

  • Total hours worked
  • Top used websites and apps
  • Daily timeline overview
  • Top projects and tasks by hours worked
  • Total productive and unproductive time
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See how Time Doctor has increased productivity for other teams

“Time Doctor helped increase productivity by 15% per employee”

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Dr. Ahmed Elawady


“Time Doctor Made our Website Development Process 35% More Efficient”

Michael Melen


“Time Doctor allows us to optimize the productivity of our call center agents.”

Ryan Persaud

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