Time tracking and productivity analytics for technology providers

Make better decisions for your teams every day

Gain visibility into team workloads, daily activities, and how you're performing against client requests with employee-friendly automated time tracking

Be transparent with clients

Whether your teams are on-site or work remotely, build trust with clients by sharing what they’re doing.

Get Better at Project Management

Use accurate productivity data to eliminate inefficient processes, control costs, and improve collaboration.

Improve everyone’s performance

Clone your top performers by sharing what they do with your teams, and empower everyone to get better.

Technology providers are using Time Doctor to get better...

Gain a comprehensive real-time view of all staff activity, providing actionable insights and performance metrics to increase productivity and retain clients

Employee-friendly time tracking

See what everyone is working on at any given moment to monitor adherence to project plans, do accurate billing, and ensure staff get recognized for great work.

Daily and real-time email notifications

Create custom email notifications based on performance and compliance triggers, keeping clients up to date on who needs help and attention.

Technology providers are getting these results with Time Doctor...

15% productivity boost

Productivity analytics and more visible performance metrics helped increase productivity by 15% per employee at this software company.

100% remote team

Running a 100% remote company that does over $100 million doesn’t leave a lot of time - but thanks to Time Doctor it works.

Track the time and productivity of your teams for greater efficiency

Worked time in TD Desktop App

Productivity features that ensure your teams remain focused and on task, whether they work remotely, in-office, or a bit of both.

  • Employee-friendly and non-intrusive time tracking gives you an automatic check of employee attendance and timesheets.

  • Get alerts when schedules aren’t met and keep team members focussed with friendly distraction and reminder alert pop-ups.

  • Know what websites and apps your teams are using so you can be sure they’re being productive.


A global survey into BPOs and productivity

How outsourcing providers around the world are managing productivity to improve client and employee retention, growth, and profitability. The first post-Covid global survey of its kind shows that 90% of BPOs are focusing on productivity to meet their post-pandemic challenges.

Survey into BPO cover
Survey into BPO cover

Increase your capacity by being more productive

Productivity Tab Image

Identify and fix your teams’ productivity challenges to ensure you can deliver for clients:

  • Give your teams and clients greater visibility of their productivity with real-time dashboards and custom reports.

  • Use tracking data to set performance benchmarks, and understand what teams are good, and not so good, at doing.

  • Spot inefficient processes and make them better - even gather data so you know what to automate.

Improve performance management across all projects

Productivity metrics in TD web app

Empower everyone to get better by analyzing and sharing time and productivity data:

  • Clone the performance of your top team members by giving the whole team visibility of how they work.

  • Take a personalized approach to managing people by first understanding exactly how they perform at their best.

  • Reward all your top performers for their achievements and ensure nobody flies under the radar or ‘quiet quits’.

Help your people get better together and show your clients how it's done

Measuring and analyzing how employees spend their time uncovers better ways of doing things, saves time and money, makes everyone accountable, empowers people to improve their performance, wherever they work, and enables you to transparently demonstrate your value to your clients.