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Time Doctor for the Outsourcing Industry

Strengthen your offering to clients without complexity or high cost

With more remote and work from home agents than ever before, outsourcing providers need deeper levels of
visibility and a more flexible way to gain agent level metrics, to increase performance while keeping costs low.

Main Challenges Facing BPOs Today

Keeping costs low

Remote team
productivity analytics

Client Churn

Hiring and Retaining

Lack of Remote Work

Adapting to Hybrid

Improve agent performance with more
visibility and real-time data

Ensure consistency and accountability to meet SLAs

Time Doctor tracks all workday activity for remote and hybrid teams providing insights to improve performance and ensure clients that work is being completed.

  • Identify distractions and time wasting habits by tracking what websites and apps agents spend their time in and for how long
  • Identify new ways to manage costs and inefficiencies by tracking technology usage and workforce tasks
  • Use historical data around how long tasks to complete to create a more predictable cost structure and improve forecasting
  • Identify top performing agents and their workflows to create accurate benchmarks and replicate behaviors across teams
  • Utilize Screencasts and screen recordings to uncover inefficient processes and training opportunities as well as provide proof of work to clients

Real-time Dashboards for Instant Updates

Managers can stay up to date on team productivity no matter where they are working from.

Dashboard Insights:

  • Attendance and hours worked
  • Active and inactive workers
  • Productivity breakdowns
  • Highest performers
  • Top used websites and apps
  • Top projects and tasks
  • Work-life balance concerns
  • Workforce activity summaries

Productivity Features and Analytics for Remote Teams

Time Doctor offers multiple productivity features and reports to ensure employees stay focused and on task when working from home or in-office.

  • Get more visibility on remote workforce performance and stay ahead of potential issues with custom, daily and real-time email notifications tailored to the issues that matter to you.
  • Utilize Inactivity Alerts to ensure that employees working from home are staying on task and focused with friendly pop-ups.
  • Quickly identify what websites or applications cause the biggest distractions for your remote teams with the Web & App Usage Report.
  • Drill down into agent hours to analyze how much of this time is spent actively working and identify areas for improvement.
  • Get real-time attendance updates and easily monitor schedule adherence no matter where employees are working from.

Easier Agent Scheduling for Increased Efficiency

Easily monitor schedule adherence and attendance to maximize productivity.

Time Doctor’s Work Schedules

Streamline work schedule and shift creation for your entire team with our employee scheduling tool.

  • Easily import and export shifts for weeks or months
  • Add minimum hours per shift for more visibility into shift adherence
  • Customize schedules for each employee or by teams and groups
  • Option to schedule multiple shifts per day

Time Doctor’s Attendance Report

Save time normally spent on manually logging employee attendance with automatic attendance tracking.

  • Keep track of who is late, absent, or present in real-time
  • See start and end times for each employee
  • Compare actual hours worked vs expected hours
  • Customize to view individual users or specific teams and departments

New Time Doctor Breaks

Enhance the accuracy of your contact center time tracking and improve accountability with our newest feature.

  • Define and set up paid breaks based on company policy or based on client requirements
  • Customize breaks for the entire organization, specific departments or for individual users
  • Employees can easily select the break type and control the length through the desktop app
  • Visualize break times in your favorite Time Doctor reports including the Timeline and Activity Summary reports

Optimize payroll with increased accuracy

Combine Time Doctor’s attendance tracking with our payroll features to optimize processes.

  • Avoid payroll mistakes by eliminating manual time tracking
  • Set up automatic timesheet approvals
  • Customize payroll with flexible pay periods and currencies
  • Automate timesheets and upload for batch payments and bulk billing
  • Save time by exporting timesheets to your absence management systems

Keep Top Talent and Increase

Reduce Agent Churn

Increase agent retention by using real-time data to identify and reward top performers, faster.

  • Quickly pinpoint top performers for recognition and reward to create a culture of positive reinforcement
  • Offer more flexibility through increased visibility and accountability
  • Reduce employee commute times, saving them money and time

Prevent Agent Burnout

Quickly identify agents who are at the highest risk for burnout and where changes can be made to encourage more work-life balance and flexibility.

  • Identify who is being overworked and is at the highest risk for burnout
  • Monitor daily timelines to track and encourage more breaks
  • Establish benchmarks to create more attainable and accurate goals and KPIs
  • Easily review and compare workloads to ensure balance
  • Monitor absenteeism for signs of disengagement or potential health issues
  • Optimize schedules to allow employees to work when they are the most productives

Stay One Step Ahead With Time Doctor’s Client Login Feature

Give your clients access to Time Doctor for deeper levels of visibility into the progress of projects and tasks and build trust by utilizing screenshots and reports for proof of work.

For privacy, you can limit your clients access to the work that you’re doing for them as well as limit which reports they’re able to view.

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“Time Doctor brought us more than just monitoring. Now we can give our clients more control and visibility than when we were previously able to in-office.”
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Johan le Bail

“We promote using Time Doctor to our clients to assure them that we are committed to the productivity and work efficiency of our staff. Our partnership with Time Doctor upholds excellence and optimum quality of services to customers to help our client retention.”
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Rommel Ragasa
Phoenix Virtual Solutions

“Time Doctor saves us SIX figures per year in software licenses!”
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Michael de Asa

“The trust and relationships we have with our clients would not have been possible without Time Doctor.”

"The trust and relationships we have with our clients would not have been possible without Time Doctor."

David Quintero
Phoenix Virtual Solutions

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