Automatic Employee Attendance Tracking and Scheduling Insights

Spend less time monitoring and more time improving

Real-time attendance insights for instant updates

Streamlined scheduling and shift creation

Performance alerts for schedule adherence and frequent absences

Accurate timesheets for easier payroll

No more Clocking In and Out

With automatic time and attendance tracking, employees and managers can spend more time on what’s most important.

Time Doctor’s Attendance Report

Save time normally spent on manually logging employee attendance with automatic attendance tracking.

  • Keep track of who is late, absent, or present in real-time.
  • See start and end times for each employee.
  • Compare actual hours worked vs expected hours.
  • Customize to view individual users or specific teams and departments.

Monitor straight from the dashboard for real-time attendance updates

  • See who is currently active to take on urgent projects
  • Team members can see who is currently working, promoting more collaboration
  • Quickly review who is late
  • See who hasn’t started their day yet

Look for Patterns and Employee Burnout Indicators

Provide employees with a better working experience using Time Doctor’s attendance insights.

  • Analyze actual hours worked to balance workloads and avoid employee burnout.
  • Prevent employee churn with daily performance alerts on absenteeism.
  • Spot work-life balance issues faster by tracking employees who aren’t taking enough time off.
  • Monitor overtime and weekend hours to prevent disengagement and low morale.

Easier Employee Scheduling for Increased Efficiency

Time Doctor’s Work Schedules

Streamline work schedule and shift creation for your entire team with our employee scheduling tool.

  • Easily import and export shifts for weeks or months.
  • Add minimum hours per shift for more visibility into shift adherence.
  • Customize schedules for each employee or by teams and groups.
  • Option to schedule multiple shifts per day.

Accurate time and attendance tracking for better payroll

Combine Time Doctor’s attendance tracking with our payroll features to optimize processes.

  • Avoid payroll mistakes by eliminating manual time tracking
  • Set up automatic timesheet approvals.
  • Customize payroll with flexible pay periods and currencies.
  • Automate timesheets and upload for batch payments and bulk billing.
  • Save time by exporting timesheets to your absence management systems.

Works with the tools you already use

With 60+ integrations, Time Doctor seamlessly integrates with all of your favorite payroll and accounting tools so you can export timesheets for faster and more accurate payroll.






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