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Drive productivity and efficiency across your entire organization with Time Doctor's workday insights

Enterprises are getting these results with Time Doctor...

6 figure savings

Discovered almost 70% of licenses for one application were no longer being used, leading to a SIX figure cost saving

ROI in the first month

Prialto wanted to provide transparency and security to their customers. Time Doctor enables them to show their customers where PAs are spending time.

Why Enterprises Choose Time Doctor

Increased accountability for remote and hybrid teams

Enterprise level security and compliance

Real-time workday analytics and insights to drive productivity

Enterprise program client privileges

Ease of use and scalability

Time Doctor Workday Insights

Gain visibility at the user, team, and department levels to quickly identify where resources and improvements are needed to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Monitor overall productivity in real time with our overview dashboards and automated analytic reports.

  • Establish benchmarks for process improvements by identifying high performers and how they work.

  • Stay up to date on high priority projects with real time progress updates and accurate timeline forecasts.

  • Improve company time management with performance metrics such as number of projects and tasks completed and daily productivity breakdowns.

Unmatched Support Teams

Time Doctor offers productivity features to ensure that teams stay focused and on task.

  • Fully supported change management processes including personalized materials and training from experienced product specialists.

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be your point of contact providing onboarding help, training, and faster escalation paths.

  • 24 hour support is available by email and live chat within the application.

  • Enterprise clients are first in line for new product and feature releases.

We Protect Your Data

  • GDPR & HIPAA Compliant.

  • ISO Certification 27001:2013.

  • Multilingual support options.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities with Azure and Okta.

  • We follow best security practices including 2fa, encrypted data transfers, email verifications, daily backups and Stripe encryption for credit cards.

White paper

A global survey into BPOs and productivity

How outsourcing providers around the world are managing productivity to improve client and employee retention, growth, and profitability. The first post-Covid global survey of its kind shows that 90% of BPOs are focusing on productivity to meet their post-pandemic challenges.

Survey into BPO cover
Survey into BPO cover

Built to Scale with You

  • Secure public and private cloud deployment options.

  • Custom user roles and permission settings put you in control to customize Time Doctor for all teams and users.

  • Seamless integration options with over 60 platforms to enhance current or future applications.

  • API integration options to extract performance metrics to business intelligence tools.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Implementing Time Doctor allows remote and hybrid work to be a permanent option leading to more flexibility.

  • Increase your talent pool from local to global searches.

  • Create more diverse teams by removing geographic boundaries.

  • Flexible work schedules increase engagement and retention.

  • Reduce employee commute times, saving them money and time.

Success Story

Elevating Enterprise Efficiency: Peak Support's Journey with Time Doctor

Discover how Peak Support, a leader in customer support and business process outsourcing, transformed its operations with Time Doctor. Facing challenges like client churn and the need for accurate productivity analytics they implemented Time Doctor. The results? A significant leap in performance and productivity, streamlined payroll compliance, and improved management practices as well as increased client retention rates.

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