Time tracking and workday analytics for hybrid teams

Measure & improve productivity wherever your people work

With accurate and employee-friendly time and activity tracking you can allow staff to work from the office, at home, or anywhere else with total peace of mind.
Visual distribution of hours with Time Doctor
Hours tracked with Time Doctor
Operate transparently

Build trust between management and employees and share productivity data between different teams.

Get more productive

Improve processes, manage costs, enable collaboration, and break down barriers between in-office and remote workers.

Get better together

Benchmark your top performers and compare in-office versus remote performance to empower everyone to get better.

Hybrid working - the best of both worlds


savings when hybrid work is allowed half the time (being remote 2-3 days per week)


reduction in unscheduled absences when telework is an option


of employees are more productive at home due to less distractions


of employees would choose telework over a pay raise


of employees who call in sick really aren’t, they do so for personal issues and stress

Hybrid teams are getting these results with Time Doctor...

6 figure savings

Discovered almost 70% of licenses for one application were no longer being used, leading to a SIX figure cost saving.

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Build the best team

“At home or at the office, we just want the best employees to be on our team. With Time Doctor we can identify these trends and figure out how we can be better.”

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Facilitate flexible work

“Because of Time Doctor we can have a flexible schedule. We can choose to work from home or the office - it’s as easy as stopping and starting the timer.”

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Track time and activity accurately to compare in-office and remote teams

Time doctor worked time feature

    White Paper

    How do you stay productive in a remote world?

    We compiled and analyzed data from across all Time Doctor users and industries to provide into overall productivity on a global scale.

    Timesheet templates example
    Timesheet templates example

    Solve your hybrid productivity issues with data

    Time doctor worked time feature

      Improve employee engagement and wellbeing while reducing attrition

      Time doctor worked time feature

        Help your team members collaborate and work productively

        Measuring and analyzing how employees spend their time uncovers better ways of doing things, saves time and money, makes everyone accountable, and empowers people to improve their performance, wherever they work.