Intercom Time Tracking

Intercom Time Tracking

Time Doctor adds time tracking to your Intercom conversations.

If you’re not tracking time on your Intercom conversations, you’re essentially losing out on information that can make or break your business. The Time Doctor Chrome extension allows you to track time spent on different Intercom conversations without ever leaving Intercom.

With the Time Doctor Chrome extension, you can:

  • Direct time tracking within the Intercom app.
  • Learn what each of your customer support team member is spending their time on.
  • View individual and aggregate data to allow managers to better analyze team activities.

How does it work?

Sign up for a Time Doctor account, install Time Doctor’s Chrome extension and the native app for Time Doctor. Native apps are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

After set up, Time Doctor timer button will automatically appear in all Intercom inbox conversations. Time Doctor will pick up Intercom's conversation's name, and the timer will start ticking, so you can automatically get data on much time was spent on each support conversation.

Works with several other business tools.

From popular project management tools to email systems and calendars, you can use Time Doctor’s Chrome extension with over 60 different apps.

Time Doctor can also take screenshots of your employees’ computers while they are working. This can be particularly useful if you have people working remotely and can’t stop by their desks to see what they’re working on.

But wait, there's more!
Web & App Usage
Poor Time Use Report
Work Schedules
And much more…

Read more about the full range of optional features that Time Doctor provides.