Time tracking and productivity analytics for in-office teams

Drive productivity and efficiency across your entire organization

Improve productivity by getting insights into team workloads, daily activities, and schedules with employee-friendly automated time tracking

Manage your teams transparently

Track all employees’ activities in a consistent way so you can compare performance across different teams and functions.

Manage costs and margins

Schedule more efficiently, allocate time more accurately, and get a clearer picture of what resources you really need.

Manage performance and attrition

Create benchmarks by analyzing your top performers, and improve the employee experience to retain top talent.

Use Time Doctor’s workday insights to get better...

Gain a comprehensive real-time view of all staff activity, providing actionable insights and performance metrics to increase productivity

Employee-friendly time tracking

See what everyone is working on at any given moment to monitor adherence to project plans, do accurate billing, and ensure staff get recognized for great work.

Daily and real-time email notifications

Create custom email notifications based on performance and compliance triggers, keeping managers up to date on who needs help and attention.

Technology providers are getting these results with Time Doctor...

15% productivity boost

Productivity analytics and more visible performance metrics helped increase productivity by 15% per employee at this software company.

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Build the best team

“At home or at the office, we just want the best employees to be on our team. With Time Doctor we can identify these trends and figure out how we can be better.”

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Make every team member accountable for their productivity

Worked time in TD Desktop App

Ensure your teams remain focused and on-task, whether they work remotely, in-office, or a bit of both.

  • Automatically check employee attendance and timesheets with employee-friendly and non-intrusive time tracking.

  • Monitor schedule adherence with alerts when schedules aren’t met, and keep team members focussed with friendly pop-ups.

  • Ensure your teams are productive by tracking the websites and apps they use.


Top 3 Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

Based on the experiences of some of our most successful customers, here are the top 3 productivity strategies. We also explain how to use Time Doctor data to get these valuable workday insights at your agency.

Identify and fix your in-office productivity challenges

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With accurate time tracking and workday analytics your managers get visibility of productivity challenges.

  • Real-time dashboards and customized reports can be shared across the business promote openness and collaboration.

  • Use tracking data to set clear goals and expectations, and analyze what tasks people find easiest and most difficult to do.

  • Analyze and improve inefficient processes - you can even understand what you need to automate.

What gets measured gets improved

Productivity metrics in TD web app

Share time and productivity data to empower everyone to get better.

  • Make tracking data visible to the whole team so they can copy the performance of your top people.

  • Personalize your management approach to individuals by understanding their work patterns.

  • Recognize and reward people for their achievements to boost employee engagement.

Success Story

“Time Doctor changed how we approach work.”

By using the Workday Insights from Time Doctor, Boring Commerce is able to create better processes and reduce the amount of redundant tasks across all teams.

Help your team members collaborate and work productively

Measuring and analyzing how employees spend their time uncovers better ways of doing things, saves time and money, makes everyone accountable, and empowers people to improve their performance.