Salesforce Time Tracking

Salesforce Time Tracking

Track time spent by your team on different Salesforce activities with Time Doctor.

With Time Doctor’s Chrome extension advanced time tracking, you can collect accurate time data about your work in Salesforce along with data about how much time you and your employees spend on Salesforce.

With the Time Doctor’s Chrome extension, you can:

  • View which Salesforce activity your team members are currently working on, be it Tasks, Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, Cases, Contacts, and Events.
  • Manage your team in real time and store your data safely in your Time Doctor cloud account.
  • View and share in-depth reports and analytics about each employee as well as the team as a whole.

How does it work?

Create a free Time Doctor account and install the Time Doctor’s Chrome extension from the Chrome store. Time Doctor timer button will automatically appear on different Salesforce tabs, such as Tasks, Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, Cases, Contacts, and Events.

Time Doctor will pick up details about the activity from Salesforce and the timer will start ticking. You can stop the timer from anywhere (browser, mobile, or desktop).

Time Doctor tracks what apps and websites your team uses to complete Salesforce tasks

Time Doctor can track other types of data in addition to time spent on Salesforce. For example, Time Doctor can show you the websites & applications that each employee uses while working. You'll be able to see how much time your team members are spending on productive sites vs. unproductive sites.

This time-tracking extension works with your browser and, and in addition to Salesforce, has integrations available for many other business tools.

Supported on both Time Doctor 2 and Time Doctor Classic

Time Doctor’s chrome extension supporting Salesforce integration is available on both Time Doctor Classic and Time Doctor 2.

To know the differences between Time Doctor Classic and Time Doctor 2, click here.

But wait, there's more!
Web & App Usage
Poor Time Use Report
Work Schedules
And much more…

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