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Increase productivity by up to 22% with employee monitoring from Time Doctor

Your employees are so important to your success as a business. Still, it can be hard to keep track of performance when you have remote employees, outsourced teams, or team members who work independently on the computer all day. Our easy-to-use employee monitoring system makes tracking easy. With it, businesses notice an instant increase in efficiency!

Time Doctor simplifies employee monitoring and project management with a customizable, all-in-one tool

  • Instantly check attendance, engagement, and workflow throughout the company
  • See employee web and app use summaries as well as website history reports
  • Set optional screenshots to see what’s being worked on in real time
  • Accurately track employee time and automatically create timesheets
  • Integrate tracked time with payroll and the preferred payment program
  • Use on computers, tablets, and mobiles to track time online and off
  • Help your employees stay on task with distraction alerts
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Detailed workday insights at the click of a button

Think of how much your company could grow if you suddenly had the power to find and eliminate distractions.

The effect is instantaneous with Time Doctor’s employee monitoring software. Once installed, employees will know they’re being monitored and held accountable, so they’ll eliminate time-wasting activities. Employees have access to personal summaries while managers have tangible proof of efficiency with time tracking, history reports, screenshots, and more. Time Doctor is easy to install and includes additional project management tools for continued growth.

Give your team that extra push towards efficiency and growth!

Get the ultimate efficiency tool for small and large businesses. Sign up for Time Doctor’s employee monitoring and we’ll invite your team to download the program.

Employee monitoring doesn’t have to be complicated or invasive. With features that can be turned on or off, our program is easy to use and includes customizable tools for improving work productivity. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that employees are working to their full potential and your employees will know you’re invested in their success. For companies with 20+ employees, we offer free sign up support.

Take control of your business with our top employee monitoring software

Increase your company’s time management and efficiency with Time Doctor. You’ll minimize administrative tasks through automated reports and improved payroll. With employee monitoring at your fingertips, you’ll no longer have to wait for progress updates.

Do this all in one spot, with one trusted program. The dashboard has customizable options that let you break down your summaries into daily, weekly, and monthly reports. You can also choose which tools to use or turn off. We make it easy so that you can focus on what matters most.

One dashboard with all the tools you need

The online dashboard seamlessly combines employee monitoring reports and project management. You can view the time spent on each client, project, or task and get a clear breakdown of productive hours vs. unproductive. You can also integrate many of the programs you’re already using, including Asana, Basecamp, Salesforce, Slack, and more.

Analyze patterns to quickly reduce behaviors that cost the company extra money or set aside extra budget for projects that take longer than expected. Give employee monitoring a try and watch your productivity soar!

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