Time tracking and workday analytics for remote teams

The best remote staff management tool you've ever seen

Get the visibility on your workforce’s productivity and performance you need to enable remote working with total peace of mind.

Genuine transparency

Measure how remote staff spend their time in an employee-friendly way to show attendance, productivity, and compliance.

Be more productive

Get the accurate data you need to control costs and improve inefficient processes while maintaining quality of WFH staff.

Get better together every day

Surface deep insights into who’s productive and who’s not to empower all remote workers to improve their performance.

Remote is work is the future, and Time Doctor is the enabler

Less than


executives say they want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic

More than


of remote workers would rather quit than go back to the office


of companies plan to permanently shift employees to remote work after the pandemic ends


of employees are more productive at home due to fewer disstractions


per employee per year savings when remove work is offered full time

Remote teams are getting these results with Time Doctor...

Data to make decisions

“It’s especially useful with the work from home set up now. We need an automated productivity management tool to get data and make decisions.”

ROI in first month

Prialto wanted to provide transparency and security to their customers. Time Doctor enables them to show their customers where PAs are spending time.

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Accurate time tracking so you always know what remote teams are doing

Worked time in TD Desktop App

Managers have total peace of mind that their teams are working productively:

  • Automatically verify employee attendance and timesheets for billing with non-intrusive and automatic time tracking.

  • Create work schedules and manage schedule adherence - get alerts and give managers and staff access to real-time dashboards.

  • Keep records of websites and applications employees use and enable managers to see what their teams are doing in real-time.

White paper

How do you stay productive in a remote world?

We compiled and analyzed data from across all Time Doctor users and industries to provide into overall productivity on a global scale.

State of productivity in remote work cover
State of productivity in remote work cover

Identify and solve productivity issues remotely

Productivity Tab Image

Help everyone to be more productive by sharing data across and between teams.

  • Real-time dashboards and custom reports give you visibility of your teams’ productivity and insights into how to get better.

  • Build performance benchmarks, compare individuals and teams, and identify training and performance gaps.

  • Find and remove inefficiencies by optimizing processes and workflows - and even understand what to automate.

Improve employee wellness and reduce burnout

Productivity metrics in TD web app

Identify employees who are at the highest risk for burnout and where changes can be made to encourage more work-life balance and flexibility.

  • Identify who is being overworked and is at the highest risk for burnout with our Work-life Balance widget.

  • Track attendance, compare workloads, and monitor absenteeism for signs of disengagement or potential health issues.

  • Empowering employees with flexible work schedules increases engagement and retention.

Success Story

How Time Doctor creates more visibility and provides instant insights for remote teams.

Running a 100% remote company that does over $100 million doesn’t leave a lot of time - but thanks to Time Doctor it works.

“It gives us a quick snapshot of what is going on with our business without us having to spend hours pulling reports and work through data.”

Help your remote team members collaborate and work productively

Measuring and analyzing how employees spend their time uncovers better ways of doing things, saves time and money, makes everyone accountable, and empowers people to improve their performance, particularly remote workers.