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Create a Culture of Accountability with Time Doctor

Workplace Accountability Starts with Trust

Tracking workday activities with Time Doctor allows leaders to have confidence that their teams are being productive while also giving employees the confidence that their work is being recognized.

The 5 key steps to promoting Accountability

Security Icon1. Create an
environment of trust
goalsIcon2. Establish clear goal
and expectations
productivityIcon3. Measure progress
feedbackIcon4. Provide feedback
empowerIcon5. Empower
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How Time Doctor Cultivates Workplace Accountability

  • Creates Visibility - Leaders need to see how their teams are spending their workday and employees want to prove they can be trusted to meet expectations.
  • Creates Transparency - Sharing what activities are monitored and what data is collected leads to openness, collaboration and better communication.
  • Provides Performance Metrics - All workday activities are tracked giving clear and actionable data to measure performance by. Recognition and reward are vital to high morale and engagement.
  • Empowers Employees - Empower employees through autonomy. Provide them with the data and tools they need to self assess and self correct.
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Workday Insights and Analytic Reporting

Time Doctor’s Workday Insights provide actionable data for teams to improve their own time management and create a better work life balance.

  • Identify high performers faster to help establish benchmarks for process improvements.
  • Stay up to date on high priority projects with real-time progress updates and accurate timeline forecasts.
  • Analyze workflow timing to identify areas where coaching and training are needed.
  • Improve company time management with performance metrics.
  • Customize settings to share data across teams and departments to help prioritize tasks and meet KPIs faster.
  • Set up automated report delivery options to allow managers to quickly provide feedback and stay on target.
  • Automate manual tasks to promote anti micromanagement by freeing up managers to focus on the right things.
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Time Doctor Performance Metrics

Gain actionable data to support performance recognition and help set clear and attainable goals.

  • Number of projects and tasks completed
  • Project timelines - hours spent on projects and tasks
  • Attendance and schedule adherence
  • Total hours worked per day, week, and month
  • Daily productivity levels
  • Website and app usage
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Time Doctor Dashboards - One centralized place for maximum visibility

Real-time Insights:

  • Total hours tracked per user
  • Attendance- start and end times
  • Daily and weekly productivity breakdowns
  • Highest performers
  • Top used websites and applications
  • Top projects and tasks by hours worked
  • Total idle minutes and mobile time
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“Running a marketing agency with Time Doctor allows me to simplify my workflow, streamline jobs, and spend more time with my family.”

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Nik Cree

Positive Business Online


Jul 14, 2020

“I like that Time Doctor is easy to use, it helps you stay on track and keeps you motivated throughout the day.”


Marketing and Advertising

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Nov 11, 2020

“Time Doctor is easy to use, it has made my contractors accountable for their time which is invaluable, they increased their productivity by about 20% and at the same time decreased the number of hours I was being bill for by about 20% - so a double saving!”


Financial Services


Jul 14, 2020

“As an employee, you know for sure that your time is valued by keeping a record of your working hours.”


Marketing and Advertising


Jul 14, 2020

“I love the Weekly Report which shows me how the week is going and helps my boss get a quick overview of what I’m working on.”

American P

M&A and Corporate Lawyer

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