Michael de Asa

Time Doctor saves us SIX figures per year in software licenses!

Michael de Asa


Personiv is an award-winning business process outsourcing (BPO) company headquartered in Austin, Texas. They focus on delivering cost-effective business solutions to companies to help them scale faster and more efficiently. By offering finance and accounting, back office, customer experience, and digital services, Personiv is able to support companies of all sizes to reach their goals and increase productivity.

At Personiv, the digital services group is focused on helping companies with graphic, web, and print design. One of the main tools they use in their daily operations is a graphic design app which costs several hundred dollars per seat license.

70% decrease

In Software Licenses

After implementing Time Doctor, Personiv was able to create more visibility into what applications teams use and how long they spend in them, with our Web & App Usage report. The Web & App Usage feature tracks the total time spent in each tool but also provides insights into what tools are considered productive to different teams and job roles.

Michael de Asa, the Head - Senior Director of Information Technology, shared with us that this data from Time Doctor uncovered a huge cost saving opportunity for them.

Michael and the Personiv team realized that 70% of the graphics design apps were going unused. They were able to remove several hundred unused licenses generating savings in the six figures.

“We used to have a couple hundred licenses of a popular graphics design app, and now we have less than 50,” said Michael. “We had little visibility into who was actually using the app,” Michael continues.

The problem, Michael says is “Employees don’t always let us know that they no longer require using the graphics design app. Over time, the number of licenses we purchased across the company ballooned very rapidly. We needed more visibility into who was actually using the app in their day-to-day work.”

With Time Doctor, Personiv management now has a new way to impact profitability based on information that is backed up by hard data.

“And there was no way to get this data other than using Time Doctor.”

What would you say to a company who is considering using Time Doctor?

Time Doctor uncovered that 70% of licenses were unused, saving Personiv six figures!

Michael de Asa

Michael de Asa


“It’s useful, especially with the work from home set up now. In the next couple of years as work from home becomes more prominent, they’re going to need to have an automated productivity management tool that they can rely on and get data and make their decisions.”