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Empower Employees with Time Doctor

At Time Doctor, we believe that measuring and analyzing how we spend our time is the key to becoming better employees, better managers and, ultimately, through increased freedom and flexibility, better partners, parents and citizens.

Our Workday Insights provide the insights teams need to be better. Better by the hour, better by the minute - better by the second.

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Build trust and increase engagement

Highly engaged employees are invested in their work and the organization’s goals and missions. Remote work engagement starts with a strong foundation of trust from leaders.

“Engaged Employees are 22% more productive than disengaged employees”SOURCE: Gallup Employee Engagement Assessment

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Empowerment through Autonomy

Time Doctor empowers employees with the tools and data they need to become more self-directed, accountable and productive.

  • Employees Are In Control - Our interactive app lets employees start and stop when time is tracked. Our privacy controls will only record activity when employees indicate they are working.
  • Data Transparency - Employees have access to all of their own data, with options to share data shared across teams. Total transparency leads to a deeper understanding of company goals and expectations.
  • Integrations - Provide employees the tools that are needed to reach goals and KPIs with 60+ integration options.
  • Flexible Schedules - Time Doctor provides the visibility and accountability that is necessary for leaders to promote flexible work.
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Workday Insights and Reports

By analyzing and measuring how time is spent, employees gain insights that provide clear direction on how to improve their own performance.

  • Identify peak productive days and times to plan ahead for maximum efficiency.
  • Review all projects and tasks in once centralized place to help prioritize tasks.
  • Track project timelines and progress to stay on deadline and on target.
  • Dashboards keep all teams up to date on high priority projects and tasks.
  • Analyze daily productivity breakdowns to help identify potential distractions.
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Time Doctor Dashboards Provide Maximum Visibility

Employees and managers can see exactly what has been accomplished in real-time, removing the need for daily check-ins.

  • Total hours tracked per user
  • Attendance- start and end times
  • Daily and weekly productivity breakdowns
  • Highest performers
  • Top used websites and applications
  • Top projects and tasks by hours worked
  • Total idle minutes and mobile time
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See why these users love Time Doctor


Jul 14, 2020

“I love the Weekly Report which shows me how the week is going and helps my boss get a quick overview of what I´m working on.”

America P

M&A and Corporate Lawyer

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Nov 11, 2020

“As an employee, I like that it doesn´t feel very invasive, it seems like a good tool to have.”


Marketing and Advertising


Dec 03, 2020

“As an employee, you know for sure that your time is valued by keeping a record of your working hours.”


Marketing and Advertising


Oct 15, 2020

“Time Doctor has assisted me to substantially enhance my performance as an analyst, this has the very same influence on personnel as checking to the factor of attaining objectives that in principle appeared unattainable.”


“Because we use Time Doctor, we’re able to have a flexible schedule. It allows you to adapt to the work schedule that’s best for you.”

Jessamine Eaton


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