Workday analytics for remote and offshore leased teams

The best remote staff management tool your clients have ever seen

Let your clients see exactly what their staff are working on, and manage them as if they were in the same room together.
Visual distribution of hours with Time Doctor
Hours tracked with Time Doctor
Genuine transparency

Non-intrusively measure how staff spend their time to show attendance, productivity, and compliance

Efficiency gains

Give clients the accurate data they need to eliminate inefficiencies and manage costs while maintaining quality

Get better together every day

Uncover the productivity insights that empower everyone to improve, whether they work on-site, remotely, or offshore

Staff Leasing companies are using Time Doctor to get better...

Gain a comprehensive real-time view of all agent activity, providing actionable insights and performance metrics to increase productivity and retain clients

Generate payroll with Time Doctor
Employee-friendly time tracking

See who is active, late or not present to monitor schedule adherence and calculate payroll as you go - ensure staff get fully recognized for work they do.

Daily and real-time email notifications

Create custom email notifications based on performance and compliance triggers, keeping managers and leaders up to date on who needs help and attention.

Staff Leasing companies are getting these results with Time Doctor...

Closed their offices

“We asked 100 of our people if they wanted the “old normal” or Time Doctor and our “new normal”. Guess how many wanted the old normal? Zero.”

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Productivity up 10% to 20%

“One of the biggest concerns for anyone using a BPO is “how do I know that they are actually working?” This is where Time Doctor was able to help.”

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ROI in 1st month

Prialto wanted to provide transparency and security to their customers. Time Doctor enables them to show their customers where PAs are spending time.

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Build client trust with greater transparency and accountability

Time doctor worked time feature

    White Paper

    A global survey into BPOs and productivity

    How outsourcing providers around the world are managing productivity to improve client and employee retention, growth, and profitability. The first post-Covid global survey of its kind shows that 90% of BPOs are focusing on productivity to meet their post-pandemic challenges.

    Global survey into BPOs cover
    Global survey into BPOs cover

    Give clients the tools to manage their team’s productivity

    Time doctor worked time feature

      Ensure consistency of performance and use data to improve everything

      Time doctor worked time feature

        Success Story

        “The trust and relationships we have with our clients would not have been possible without Time Doctor.”

        David Quintero
        Director Business DevelopmentPhoenix Virtual Solutions

        Help your people get better together and show your clients how it's done

        Analyzing how staff spend their time uncovers better ways of working, saves time and money, makes people accountable, empowers them to improve, and enables hybrid working - all while demonstrating your value to your clients.