Payroll Integration with Time Doctor

How to use payroll in Time Doctor

Verified timesheets and customizable payroll options make it easier to pay employees

Manually tracking time, reviewing timesheets, and approving payroll are time-consuming and costly. This gets more complex as your business grows, especially if you have outsourced teams throughout the world.

Quickly and accurately finalize your payroll with the Time Doctor time-tracking integration

  • Customize your payroll with optional pay periods and currencies
  • Integrate Time Doctor with programs you already use like Paypal, Payoneer, and more
  • Automate timesheets and upload them for batch payments and bulk billing
  • Set up payroll for salary or hourly employees
  • Manually approve timesheets or set them for automatic approval
  • Access Time Doctor on computers, tablets, and mobiles to track time online and off
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Integrate payroll with timesheets and simplify your life!

Discover better payroll processing with automatic time tracking and streamlined payments.

Time Doctor makes payroll easy for businesses, both small and large. Managers create projects and tasks. Employees can easily track their time with the click of a button. The smart software from Time Doctor organizes this data to create automatic timesheets that can be uploaded to use your payroll method of choice.

Payroll shouldn’t be complicated

Save time and money with a more efficient system for processing payroll.

Say goodbye to long spreadsheets, manual entries, and the risk of human error in payroll processing. Streamline payments with Time Doctor timesheets and payroll integration. You can choose from many of the programs you already use, such as Payoneer, Paypal, and TransferWise, or integrate with the many other available options.

Promote accountability and increase productivity with Time Doctor

In addition to faster and more efficient payroll, you can help your employees use their time productively while at work. Our smart time-tracking software analyzes time to show productivity with web and app history reports, optional screenshots, and pop-ups that remind employees to stay on task.

When employees know that their work is being monitored and can access the data, they’re more aware of how they spend their workdays and eliminate time-wasting behaviors. On average, businesses experience a 22% productivity boost when using Time Doctor. Sign up today and invite your employees to join. Our onboarding team will help you with set up if your team includes 20+ employees.

Access all your tools from one dashboard

Better business efficiency starts with one easy-to-use program: Time Doctor. Payroll integration is just one of the many ways Time Doctor will save your company time and money. All your tools and features are available in the Time Doctor dashboard for quick analyzing and editing.

Both employers and employees benefit from Time Doctor with more accurate time tracking and improved project management. You can customize the software and easily integrate it with other programs you’re already using such as Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, Salesforce, and more. Take the next step and try Time Doctor for free – no credit card required.

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