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Accountability for
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Creating Accountability for Remote Teams with Time Doctor

  • Increases Visibility - Leaders need to see how teams spend their day and employees want to prove they can be trusted.
  • Provides Performance Metrics - Time Doctor tracks all workday activities providing actionable data to help create clear goals and expectations.
  • Creates Transparency - Teams can share and view data in one centralized place to promote openness and collaboration.
  • Empowers Employees - Time Doctor provides employees with the data and tools they need to self assess and self correct.

Increase Profitability to Scale Faster

Time Doctor allows agencies to analyze and enhance project tracking with workday analytics.

  • Improve project budgeting - Tracking workday activity gives historical insights to help improve project forecasts and time costs.
  • Improve project scoping - By tracking and analyzing project timelines you can identify customers that might not be as profitable and make room to take on more new clients.
  • Detailed reporting - Access multiple analytic reports that give real time project updates and productivity breakdowns.
  • Overview dashboards - Gain instant insights into who is actively working and what the top projects and tasks are for the day.
  • Optional screenshots and recordings - Settle client disputes quickly with proof of work.

Optimized Resource Management

Time Doctor’s Workday Insights help identify new cost saving opportunities.

  • Save costs by identifying applications and tools that are no longer being used with the Website & App Usage report.
    • Check out how Personiv saved SIX FIGURES by getting rid of unused applications.
  • Increase billing accuracy by tracking attendance and schedule adherence in real-time.
  • Integrate with 60+ applications giving more visibility into what applications are used the most and how many licenses or seats are needed.
  • Reduce manual hours spent on payroll and billing issues with payroll automation features.

Stay One Step Ahead With Time Doctor’s Client Login Feature

Give your clients access to Time Doctor for deeper levels of visibility into the progress of projects and tasks and build trust by utilizing screenshots and reports for proof of work.

For privacy, you can limit your clients access to the work that you’re doing for them as well as limit which reports they’re able to view.

Improve Performance Management

Retain good employees by identifying top performers faster.

  • Analyze top performer workflows to create benchmarks for teams.
  • Clone top performer behaviors by analyzing how they spend their time.
  • Review daily timelines to identify areas where team members get stuck.
  • Recognize and reward top performers to keep them engaged and focused.

Find and Retain the Best Talent

Implementing Time Doctor allows remote and hybrid work to be a permanent option leading to more flexibility.

  • Increase your talent pool from local to global searches.
  • Create more diverse teams by removing geographic boundaries.
  • Flexible work schedules increase engagement and retention.
  • Reduce employee commute times, saving them money and time.

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