Types of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is the process of keeping a tab on employees using some method of surveillance. They are five types of employee monitoring solutions:

A. Video Surveillance: Video surveillance uses CCTV cameras to monitor employees. While these can help prevent misbehavior and are great for employee security, they can’t track productivity.

B. Network And Email Monitoring: Network monitoring and email monitoring are used to prevent the misuse of corporate resources. Network monitoring vets the network traffic to check program, workstation, and internet usage in an organization. On the other hand, email monitoring keeps track of the employee's work email address, giving administrators complete control of the employee’s inbox.

C. Keycards And Biometric Terminals: Keycards and biometrics are used to permit or restrict access to certain areas of the company. They can be utilized to track the physical location of an employee or register employee attendance. Biometric monitoring is a better surveillance method than keycards as it’s less susceptible to data breaches or thefts.

D. GPS Tracking: GPS tracking is useful for employees who spend most of their time on the field as part of their job. Employees can share their location with administrators, who can monitor employees when they are not in the office.

E. Employee Monitoring Software: EMS (Employee Monitoring Software) is the most widely used method to monitor employees. Most EMS don’t invade employee privacy and offer features like time tracking and distraction management to maximize employee productivity.