Eric Taussig

With Time Doctor, we saw a positive ROI our first month.

Eric Taussig

For a busy executive, time is their biggest asset.

Most executives have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Whether that’s building their personal network, making meetings, or following up with sales leads, the executive is constantly looking for ways to scale themselves.

In order to make more time for themselves, many executives will hire a virtual assistant.

And therein lies the problem.

Most executives require their single assistant to have a superhuman skill set. There is no way that a single person can meet the needs of the busy executive.

Prialto is a company that set out to solve that problem. When an executive joins Prialto, they are assigned a team of assistants who are trained to complete the large variety of tasks that need to be completed.

Prialto signed up for Time Doctor because they wanted time tracking both for coaching and service optimization and to provide transparency to their customers.

By seeing how the Prialto Assistants (PAs) spend their time, the company is able to help the PAs be more efficient. They do this both by training them to optimize their personal workflow and by seeing areas where tools can be developed for automation.

Prialto also wants the ability to provide transparency and security to their customers. Time analytics enables Prialto to show their customers where PAs are spending time.

Time Doctor’s screen capture ability is part of Prialto’s overall security plan. It enables them to audit and fix activities in those rare cases where they think a PA may have inadvertently, put their customer’s security at risk.

Three Favorite Time Doctor Features

Quick View Dashboard

Quick View Dashboard

The dashboard is very useful for glancing at key metrics without spending an inordinate amount of time getting stuck in data minutia.

Friendly Customizable Pop-Ups

Friendly Customizable Pop-Ups

These reminder popups help keep the PAs on track with their work. The fact that the frequency and type of popups can be customized prevents them from becoming annoying.

Easy Breakdown Reporting

Easy Breakdown Reporting

Reporting is very easy and self-explanatory.

Utilization of Reports Have Resulted in Substantial Growth

The ability to provide reports to customers has helped Prialto save and grow many accounts, resulting in substantial growth of monthly recurring revenue.

The coaching and workflow optimization that the time tracking enables also helps provide a better work environment and diminish employee turnover. This results in major annual cost savings.

What would you say to other VA companies who are looking to use Time Doctor?

“I would not venture to advise another company. Each one is unique and each founder/ entrepreneur is in a unique situation.

But I would advise busy executives who retain a service to leverage remote help as follows: Always ask how the service manages their employee's time and how you’ll know exactly what the service is doing for you on a given day. If they can't give you an answer, the service has probably not deployed the right systems and time tracking tools to provide you with a high level of service.