Nik Cree

By using Time Doctor, we were able to increase our profitability by 30%.

Nik Cree

Positive Business Online

Nik Cree started the web development agency, Positive Business Online, to get away from the 14 hour days that consumed his life in the finance industry. He wanted to build a profitable business where he could work on interesting projects with great people. And most importantly spend more time with his family.

While growing his agency, Nik suffered a problem most agencies face. He was guessing at how much time a project would take, and billing his customers based off estimates. This is a dangerous game for any agency to play. That's when he decided to look for a time tracking tool. He wanted to make sure that he was billing his customers at prices which would make his agency profitable.

After tracking how much time projects take, he realized he needed to increase his prices by 30% in order to maintain the level of profitability needed to maintain his lifestyle!

30% Increase

In Monthly Profitability

10 Hours Saved

Paying Contractors and Employees Each Month

Three Favorite Time Doctor Features

Integrates with Asana

Integrates with Asana

By integrating Time Doctor with Asana, he can track time spent on projects from a single dashboard.​

Payroll Dashboard

Payroll Dashboard

Using the Payroll Dashboard allows Nik to see how much he needs to pay his employees without any hassle.

Friendly Reminders

Friendly Reminders

If he steps away from the keyboard or computer, the friendly reminders will make sure he's actually working.

"The Payroll Dashboard is Gold"

Running a marketing agency with Time Doctor allows me to simplify my workflow, streamline jobs, and spend more time with my family.

Like every business owner, Nik needs to pay his employees and contractors every two weeks.

Prior to using Time Doctor, Nik was forced to run through a series of spreadsheets, project manager software tools, bank statements, invoicing statements, and vendor contracts in order to ensure that his employees and contractors were getting paid the right amount.

Now, with Time Doctor, all of this is in one place. Nik no longer spends time trying to find out how much he owes his employees. He simply logs into Time Doctor, goes to the payroll dashboard, and is able to determine how much he owes each person.

And by linking Time Doctor to his billing software, he is able to pay his entire team with the push of a button.

What would you say to an agency looking to use Time Doctor?

"I have spoken to other agencies and have recommended Time Doctor because it has saved me so much time and money.

It saves time from the perspective that I don't have to go through various spreadsheets documenting the amount of time that jobs have taken. It's all right there.

And when I hook Time Doctor up to Asana, I don't have to go through line item by line item to determine where a job taking too long, or if something was worked on sufficiently.

And all of this time saved directly impacts my bank account."