Monica Thakwani

“If you want to take your company in the right direction, Time Doctor's data will make that possible for you.”

Monica Thakwani

Boring Commerce

Boring Commerce is a leading performance marketing company based in India, that specializes in helping e-commerce companies manage their brands end-to-end.

Since 2018, when Boring Commerce was founded, the company has experienced significant growth and now manages over 100 ecom brands, generating more than 10 CR ($1.5M) per month.


Boring Commerce has been using Time Doctor since November of 2020. With the entire team now being back in-office, the leaders at Boring Commerce were looking for data and metrics that would help them build better in-office processes and also help them to identify the top performers to create the best team they can.

Boring Commerce consists of 7 different teams that cover a wide range of services including SEM, SMM, PCC, web optimization, and SEO. Each team has client specific tasks and projects that they are responsible for, with potentially multiple teams for the same client. This amount of data can start to add up quickly so Boring needed a way to create more visibility into the hours spent per client to help them balance workloads and also uncover trends and behaviors specific to each team.

The Solution

Regarding the reporting system we use, I like that I can see all of the data and try to build something more useful for my organization.

Monica Thakwani, the HR & Operations Manager at Boring Commerce, shared that in order to uncover more trends and accurately monitor in-office performance, Time Doctor was essential to obtain this data.

Time Doctor’s integration with Asana was also a huge win for Boring because they can now track how long each task takes to complete giving them more insights into processes and project timelines.

If you want to make more of your employee’s time and take your company in the right direction, Time Doctor’s data will make that possible for you.
Monica Thakwani

Monica Thakwani

Boring Commerce

The Results

By using the Workday Insights from Time Doctor, Boring Commerce is able to create better processes and reduce the amount of redundant tasks across all teams. Time Doctor creates new levels of visibility into what tasks are worked as well as how long they take to complete. By digging into the productivity of each different team, they can identify more opportunities to increase productivity and standardize operational functions.

Monica also shared that she is able to be a more proactive manager by quickly identifying and recognizing the top performers on her in-office team by analyzing their trends and workday activity. She can uncover potential training opportunities to help create the best team for Boring Commerce.

At home or at the office, we just want the best employees to be on our team. With Time Doctor we can identify these trends and figure out how we can be better.

Key Takeaways

  • Time Doctor’s data and Workday Insights give more visibility into how teams spend their time and identify key trends that will help them be more proactive.
  • Tracking idle time helps identify the most productive employees and uncovers potential issues.
  • Pop-up reminders and alerts help teams to stay focused and on task.
  • The Dashboard provides instant insights into what teams are working on in real-time.
  • Tracking website and application usage provides valuable insights that can be used to improve and create new LOP policies for each team.
  • Time Doctor reports can help bring uniformity and standardization by uncovering how different teams use their own nomenclature for the same projects and tasks.
  • Helps to balance workloads by tracking the number of tasks and projects for each employee.