Average Handle Time (AHT)

What is Average Handle Time (AHT)?

The average handle time is the average time spent by an agent in resolving customer issues or queries.

It also includes the hold time during the duration of the call and the after-call work time required for back-office and administrative tasks.

You can calculate an agent's AHT by adding the agent’s total talk time, total hold time, and total after-call work time. Then, divide the sum by the total number of calls handled by the agent.

Here’s the formula:

AHT = (Total Talk Time + Total Hold Time + Total After Call Work Time) / Total Calls Handled by the Agent

For example, let’s say your agents handled 80 calls in a day and:

  • Total talk time = 1420 minutes
  • Total hold time = 300 minutes
  • Total after call work time =180 minutes

Then, AHT = (2150+300+180)/80 = 23.75 minutes

According to the call centre magazine, this AHT is way over the industry standard of 6 minutes and 3 seconds.

How to Reduce AHT

To reduce AHT, you should provide quality training and customized coaching to your agents. This shouldn’t be just limited to call handling and product knowledge but also extend to software familiarization.

Another great way to lower AHT is to use automation. For instance, you could automate tasks like note-taking and manual form-filling.

Your workforce management tools should also be user-friendly to enable agents to access any customer information easily, whenever they need it.

Moreover, features like call routing, automatic call logging, and call recording can also help reduce AHT. This allows agents to focus on each call and provide effective solutions.