Become a Time Doctor Affiliate and earn up to 30% on each Time Doctor sale.

Become a Partner

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Why become an affiliate?

100% Free to Sign up

Applying to be an affiliate is absolutely free and a Time Doctor account is not required

Recurring Lifetime Comission

Earn commission for every upgrade, new user, and subscription renewal

High converting products

We have affiliates generating a conversion rate for sales at 10-20%! (Your quality of traffic and promotion methods may vary)

Attractive Banners and promotional materials

We are constantly adding new banners, email copy, and other materials that will make you successful

1-on-1 Professional Affiliate Help

We support our affiliates: When you succeed we succeed!

Straightforward Affiliate Terms

We outline what is allowed/not allowed and provide clear expectations around payments

Frequently asked questions


This section contains answers to the most common questions about Affiliate Program

No. We allow all to apply to be a Time Doctor Affiliate Partner.

As long as you can accept the payment method we support (PayPal) then, yes.

Yes - You will schedule a Skype interview as part of your application.

From time to time, we will run special promotions for Time Doctor customers who are also affiliates. So yes!

We employ industry standard IP logging and cookie tracking. Each time someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and when they finally purchase - we will credit that order to your affiliate account.

Infinite! Which allows a lot of opportunity to get credit.

If you have the information of the order you referred, we can analyze and manually add the commission if it is not credited to another affiliate.

We offer you high-converting banners, logos, and email copy that you can modify and send to your audience.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any creative services or support in this matter.

You must clearly state an FTC disclaimer about your affiliation with Time Doctor and ensure that the logo is not edited in any way to violate our branding guidelines.

PayPal. At this time - we are unable to add or support other gateways or forms of payment (bank transfer, cheque, Payoneer, etc.)

We review and verify commissions the first 5 days of each month and pay out any approved commissions on the 5th of each month (given it doesn’t interrupt with a holiday or weekend - then it will be issued afterwards).

Yes - approved commissions in total (from multiple referrals) in the amount of $100.00 before a payout can occur.