Time Tracking for Agencies

Improve Profitability by 30%

Nik Cree

By using Time Doctor, we were able to increase our profitability by 30%.

Nik Cree

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While growing his agency, Nik Cree spent most of his time guessing how many man-hours a project will take to complete and was billing customers based off of these estimates.

Sound familiar?

Like you, Nik needed a time tracking tool that will ensure he’s profitably billing his customer every single time.

After using Time Doctor to track how much time projects take, he realized he needed to increase his prices by 30% in order to maintain the level of profitability needed to maintain his lifestyle!

See How Profitable Each Project is For Your Agency

One of the most important aspect of time tracking software for agencies is to see how much time each project takes from start to finish.

This is perfect for:

  • Account managers who manage creatives located all over the globe and need to make sure projects get done on time and on budget.
  • Small agencies who leverage freelancers to outsource tasks and need to make sure each project is profitable.
  • Agencies that want to eliminate any billing discrepancies with clients.

How Does Your Team Spend Their Day?

In every agency, how efficient your team is completing projects for clients will determine whether or not you’re going to put money in your pocket.

Missing a deadline or overshooting a budget on just one project can cripple an agency’s cash flow.

Time Doctor will allow you to see how your team is spending their workday. You will be able to access powerful reports that allow you to determine how efficient each of your employees is on a daily basis. You will see how much time was spent on a project and which apps and websites they visited while working.

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Payroll Dashboard

Payroll Dashboards

Using the Payroll Dashboard will allow you to see how much you need to pay your employees without any hassle.

Time Doctor Give Gentle Nudges

Friendly Reminders

During the course of a full work day, your employees are going to “wander” the internet. It’s absolutely inevitable. If they lose track of time on a black listed site, Time Doctor will give them a friendly reminder to return to work.

Powerful Integrations with Your Favorite Project Management Sites

Time Doctor allows you to integrate with various third party project management tools such as: Trello, JIRA, and many others ensuring that all work completed is accounted for.

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