Odoo Time Tracking

Odoo Time Tracking

Time Doctor adds time tracking to your Odoo project and tasks.

If you’re not tracking time on your Odoo projects and tasks, you’re essentially losing out on information that can make or break your business. The Time Doctor Chrome extension allows you to track time spent on different Odoo tasks without ever leaving Odoo.

The Time Doctor Chrome extension enables you to:

  • Easily track time directly from the Odoo dashboard.
  • Get a real time view of what every employee is working on.
  • Generate detailed report of time spent by every team member on different Odoo projects and tasks.

How does it work?

Install Time Doctor’s Chrome extension and the native app for Time Doctor. Native apps are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

After set up, Time Doctor natively embeds itself in the Odoo interface. You will a "START TIMER" button along with each Odoo task to start time tracking for that task. Once you are done working on the task, simply click on the "STOP TIMER" button to stop time tracking for the task.

Works with several other business tools.

From popular project management tools to leading CRMs, you can use Time Doctor’s Chrome extension with over 35 different apps and platforms.

Time Doctor can also take screenshots of your employees’ computers while they are working. This can be particularly useful if you have people working remotely and can’t stop by their desks to see what they’re working on.

Supported on Time Doctor 2

Time Doctor’s chrome extension supporting Odoo integration is currently available on Time Doctor 2.

To know the differences between Time Doctor Classic and Time Doctor 2, click here.

But wait, there's more!
Web & App Usage
Poor Time Use Report
Work Schedules
And much more…

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