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Google Apps Time Tracking

Google Apps Time Tracking

Track how much time your team really spends on Google Calendar events.

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google apps time tracking

Time Doctor will show you real-time data for how much time an employee spends on a particular event within their Google Calendar.

You will also be able to:

  • Identify whether or not meetings and events routinely go over time.
  • Know whether or not your employees are sticking to their schedule of events.
  • Find out long it takes to complete tasks scheduled within events.
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How does it work?

When your employees install the Time Doctor desktop software on their computers, the software will show them a complete list of the Google Calendar events that they have scheduled for that day. The employees simply need to click on a task in Time Doctor to start tracking time. When a new event is added for the day, it can be synced to Time Doctor with the push of a button.

You and your team will be able to see all time tracked on the Time Doctor web app in a number of beautiful reports that can be sliced and diced into a variety of configurations.

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What customers are saying about Time Doctor:

web and app usage report

Track what your employees are doing at work.

In addition to the time worked on events within Google Calendar, Time Doctor can track other types of data. For example, Time Doctor can show you the websites and applications that each employee uses while working.

Time Doctor can also take screenshots of your employees' computers while they are working so that you can see what projects they are working on from your own computer.

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Web & App Usage
Poor Time Use Report
Work Schedules
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