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See How Much Time Your Team Is Working On A Project

Check Out Exactly What Apps and Sites They're Using Right Now

Make Sure They Are Working Efficiently Throughout The Day

What are your employees doing at work?

Do you know exactly what your employees are doing during the work day? With Time Doctor, you get x-ray vision into your team’s workflow and productivity. For instance, with Time Doctor will see the websites and applications each employee uses throughout the day.

Time Doctor has an optional feature that enables you to take screenshots of your employees computer so you can see what they’re working on in real time. This is especially useful for remote staff where you can’t walk over to their desk and peer over their shoulder.

This is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want their projects done quickly and efficiently so they can conserve as much money as possible.
  • Managers of remote teams that want to make sure their charges are getting the job done.
  • Small agencies who leverage freelancers to outsource tasks and need to make sure each project is profitable.

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Time Doctor View Screenshots

Screen Monitoring

With a remote team, you can’t simply walk over to your employee’s desk, peer over their shoulder, and check out what they’re working on.

Time Doctor gives you the ability to record your employee’s screen so that you can see their workflow in real time.

Time Doctor Give Gentle Nudges

Friendly Reminders

Let’s face it, your employees are going to “wander” the internet during the course of the day. It’s inevitable. And you won’t be able to micro-manage every action they take. So, Time Doctor is there to help you, and your employees out.

When they get deep down the rabbithole of their Facebook timeline, Time Doctor will give them a friendly reminder that they aren’t working on the task at hand.

Powerful Integrations with Your Favorite Project Management Sites

Time Doctor allows you to integrate with various third party project management tools such as: Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, Asana, and many others ensuring that all work completed is accounted for.

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