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Our goal: To help individuals and organizations to be more productive, to help stop people wasting their life on distractions and instead finish what is important to them.

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Our software aims to help businesses

  • Dramatically improve the
    productivity of teams
  • Reduce time spent on distractions
  • Help improve business processes by
    analyzing exactly where time is spent
  • Dramatically reduce wasted time and
    improve the time spent on productive activities
  • Help companies to be able to manage
    remote workers just as if they were in the same office,
    maintaining a high level of productivity when
    working remotely

Time Doctor will also help individuals

  • Achieve a better work life balance by facilitating work from home, and remote working arrangements
  • Make the most of their time spent working while on the computer
  • To be more effective and avoid distractions

Meet the team

The Time Doctor team is made up over 20 full and part time people in 8 different countries.

We are all working from home, and love the freedom of choosing when and where we want to work while we spend more time with our families or travelling.

Our development team includes:
  • 11 web developers
  • 1 mobile developer
  • 2 desktop developer
  • 3 designers
  • 2 system admins
  • 6 support agents
  • 4 testers

Liam Martin and Rob Rawson are co-founders of Time Doctor.

Liam is from Montreal Canada and likes to swim with mermaids (seriously).

Rob is from Sydney Australia and believes that Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is actually an approximation that was used when simulating our reality due to the fact that there was not enough computing power to fully simulate quantum mechanics.