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I wanted something that will help me build my team in the Philippines. I wanted to have a solution that would enable me to have deep insights as to what’s happening even if they are halfway around the world. We tried other software but they never gave me the level of detail I wanted. Time Doctor is the only piece of software for time tracking that I’ve had all of the boxes ticked.

Ben Walsh, Owner of Solid Local SEO
Ben Walsh, Owner
Solid Local SEO

It was really difficult for me to manage my remote teams without the help of Time Doctor.

Jangsher Singh Gill, Founder of Gill Telecom Service
Jangsher Singh Gill, Founder
Gill Telecom Service

I’ve been using Time Doctor for about a year and I can tell you that it is an amazing service! It makes the entire process of tracking hours for employees incredibly simple.

Chris Urgesta of Self Publishing Made Easy Now
Chris Urgesta
Self Publishing Made Easy Now

Our agency is able to run much more efficiently with Time Doctor. As a matter of fact, when we do reviews of software we either want to keep or get rid of, Time Doctor is one that people say, “You know what? We got to keep that!

Franklin D. Rivera II, Founder/CEO of V2M2 Group, Inc.
Franklin D. Rivera II, Founder/CEO
V2M2 Group, Inc.

Time Doctor cures workaholism. I have mental problem where I want to work all the time. But, Time Doctor will show me how much actual, deep focus, important work I actually get done in the day.

Luke Avedon, Developer of LukeAvedon.com
Luke Avedon, Developer

RewardExpert has been using Time Doctor for about a year now, and it’s been a tremendous tool for increasing our staff’s productivity.

Roman Shteyn, Founder of RewardExpert.com
Roman Shteyn, Founder

If you want to take charge of your life and free yourself from time-pressure, even if you have a lot of projects to do at the same time, and if you're a workaholic, then Time Doctor is just for you!

I used other solutions in the past, but my user experience of Time Doctor motivates me to use it and track all my time with it. In general, the result is as expected: so now I have much more time for myself, a clear time frame of working hours, finally, my daily routine has changed completely, and maybe, I have achieved this result just by this new approach to work, but for sure, it was impossible without Time Doctor. And in the conclusion, it's now more convenient to supervise my employees. Oh, and the main thing is that their wages depend directly on the results shown in Time Doctor.

Artem Zubkov, UI Designer of Witbe.net
Artem Zubkov, UI Designer

TimeDoctor is a fantastic time tracking tool which is ideal for tracking time for an employee or a remote freelancer. It does a lot more than just time tracking. Some of the native features of the app includes chat monitoring, screenshot captures, payroll and payments. There are many third party integration available with popular apps such as Slack, Trello, Github etc. which makes it more feature rich and flexible.

A must have tool for employers looking to effectively track productivity of their employees.

Manish Patel of eBool
Manish Patel

I <3 <3 <3 Time Doctor! I started using it at the office a few weeks ago and love that it helps keep me focused and mindful of how much time I spend on specific projects. In my industry it is easy to fall “down the rabbit hole” on certain items, and this is preventing that. Also it is assisting to help quantify the additional assistance I need in our office to my management.

Thank you for creating such an awesome program!!

Leslie Sentman, Account Executive
Leslie Sentman, Account Executive

Time Doctor allows me to stay on top of all my tasks and assignments. It allows me to expect more from myself, even more than what my clients expect of me. So whether I'm at the beach or working on my desk at home, my clients can rest assured that work gets done - and in my line of work, that is what's most important

Vaughn Sydrig Reyna, SEO specialist of Lead Generation Experts, inc.
Vaughn Sydrig Reyna, SEO specialist
Lead Generation Experts, inc.

Time Doctor is a brilliant, intuitive, simple to use but robust tool for managing my virtual offices all over the world ... and there are actual human beings, nice human beings, that will help you. Try it!

Brett Savage, CEO of NextPhaseLeadership.com
Brett Savage, CEO

Loving it...Time Doctor is saving my life! I absolutely despise time entry and after trying many different tools & processes have finally found the winner: Time Doctor! I'm using it for myself now, but can see the digital agency I work at getting value from it too! I'm not even utilizing all the features and I'm in love! Just wait until I figure everything out...

Josh Gates of joshgates.com
Josh Gates

I just started using Time Doctor and am loving it. I heard about it through a review on A Real Change TV. I've tried a lot of time management programs, but this one is very easy and usable. Plus, the reminders to get back to work that pop up when I drift over to Facebook are super-effective. I'm actually getting more done.

Madeleine Eno
Madeleine Eno

After working as Claim Manager for an insurance company for 12 years, I decided to retire and start working on my own. I have several projects I am working on and this program helps me to control how much time I am dedicating to each of them. I am also tracking the time checking e-mails and Facebook postings. I am recommending it to my friends. Thank you!!

Grillys Cleveland
Grillys Cleveland

I like it a lot. About to add two more users. Favorite functionality is the daily team update.

Rob Bertholf of digitalmediums.com
Rob Bertholf

I have several workers around the globe and I needed to make sure that I am paying for the actual work done, because if person lives on the other side of the globe and works from home it is hard to know if they are working or browsing Facebook, watching videos on YouTube or taking care of their own business while you paying them hourly. I needed a tool that would make sure that everybody gets paid for the actual work done and not for screwing around and Time Doctor is perfect solution for that.

Dmitry Tatarinov of Ridethefortune.com
Dmitry Tatarinov

Managing remote workers is a big problem for my business. The uncertainty that comes with not knowing if your employees are actually working can be great. Since my companies started using Time Doctor, our productivity has gone up, and my stress has gone down. The biggest surprise is that my team actually loves the software. Great product for managing remote employees. Thank you.

Brian Greenberg of Brianjgreenberg.com
Brian Greenberg

I love it! If it isn't simple and easy to use, then it won't work for me. I also love the little questions/reminders that pop up to ask if I'm still working on the task I had chosen. It records my time and keeps my accountable at the same time. I'm a full time freelance writer and I need both of those. I wanted to be able to analyze my time spent on different aspects of my work and your application is letting me do that with the reports.

Kathleen Krueger of KathleenKrueger.com
Kathleen Krueger

The screenshots, task pre-setting, and weekly activity summaries of Time Doctor provide so much transparency, that it reduces reporting overhead costs and quickly empowers new team members. This allows Go Moment to focus on providing inspirational experiences and insane adventures, not micro-management.

SJ Hosin of GoMoment.com
SJ Hosin

Super fan here already to be honest. In fact you have just saved us a project, as we were just on the cusp of actually building a software like this.

Nicole Herstik Whistler of ArticleTeller.com
Nicole Herstik Whistler

It's been great to keep me focused. I was looking at it to see if it would be good for my virtual assistant but it has been great for me personally.

Cindy Tonkin of CindyTonkin.com
Cindy Tonkin

I have been using Time Doctor for 6 months now and I freaking love it! I moved from upwork and never turned back! I have a large team and Time Doctor allows my manager to check their work consistently but better yet it gives me the piece of mind to know the information it shares with me. It is exactly on point and the integration to Basecamp sealed the deal! If you're an outsourcing company its the BEST solution out there and your more than welcome to reach out to speak to me directly! You contact the Time Doctor and request a quick call with me and I will spend a few minutes with you giving you a direct testimonials and update to how I'm using it. That's how confident I am in this product and as someone with a large team to manager remotely I understand your concerns. I like it too!

David Moceri of DavidMoceri.com
David Moceri

Time Doctor is working great. I'm really enjoying it in my small web agency (we are a team of 6 people using it). I've tried different options Paymo, Chrometa, TaskCoach and others that I don't even remember the name and Time Doctor seems to be the best.

Adriano Teles of InkMustache.com
Adriano Teles

Time Doctor'u kullanmaya bayılıyorum. Yoğun iş yüküm yok fakat dikkatim çabuk dağılıyor. Bu program tam da bunun için. Bir inşaat yönetim yazılım şirketinde satış bölümündeyim ve kullanışlı uygulamanız sayesinde verimimi iki katına çıkardım.

Teşekkür ederim.... Artık tüm ekibim bunu kullanıyor ve onların çalışmalarını kolay bir şekilde yönetip/değerlendirebiliyorum. Hepimiz programdan çok faydalanıyoruz.


I really love the software. I think it's the most useful and effective software that we will be using in our organization especially in tracking the working hours of our staff. The snapshot feature is epic. Time Doctor also saves all of us a lot of time in generating an automated report at the end of the day. Love pretty much all of the features. I don't see, however, the project feature being useful. For effective time and tasks tracking, Time Doctor wins!

Jose Darrel Bella of Siam-Legal.com
Jose Darrel Bella

I was using Rescue time for a year, but it seems that people were still able to hide whilst using it. I tried Time Doctor with some of my team members. There is one lady who I suspected was perhaps working for someone else on the side, and then after using Time Doctor for 2 days and only working 2 hours per day with us, my suspicions were confirmed, she came to me and said, I'm sorry I have another job, and we parted ways amicably.

I find it to be the most useful time management system I have ever come across and it has most certainly helped everyone of us to achieve far more than we ever could have without it.

Gerard O'Donovan of GerardODonovan.com
Gerard O'Donovan

I decided to automate my business after realizing that managing overseas staff was becoming simply an impossible challenge.

Time Doctor has given me the possibility of spend more time working in what gets me paid, instead of "supervising staff" . The system simply is brilliant, Time Doctor gives me a clear insight in my staff way of working, time management and efficiency. Time Doctor has improved my team productivity and in fact I now have more staff thanks to the features that Time Doctor gives me to manage new people in team. Time Doctor makes my business run extremely smooth, less time emailing my staff, more time playing with my kids in the park. Worth every single penny, Rob has done his homework, well done mate!

Gabriel Machuret of InternetNinja.com.au
Gabriel Machuret

I like the feature that checks the activity on your computer. It asks if you're still working or want to have a break. I work at home, so there are a lot of distractions. I spend most of the time "working". However, when I used Time Doctor, I was able to monitor my productivity. And guess what, I was spending more time on breaks than working.

Mark Javier
Mark Javier

For the past two days I am using Time Doctor, it has helped me in more ways I could imagine! I needed to get back on track in delivering my projects and devoting a lot of time to social networking sites made me slack off from my responsibilities. But with Time Doctor, I get to finish one task at a time and ended up finishing more work in a day.

Diane Gervacio
Diane Gervacio

I used to waste a lot of time on the net or on the computer procrastinating and by the end of the day it was difficult to tell what my days work was. Now Time Doctor can keep all that under tight control. That means that we are more productive individually and as a team.

And as for oursourcing work, I now have one full time contractor in Philippines and one trainee in Uganda all under the close supervision of Time Doctor.

Mulamata Charles
Mulamata Charles

Love love love love love love love it. You can quote me on that. :)

Elizabeth Lance of IngenuityGroup.ca
Elizabeth Lance

I like Time Doctor very much, and use it to monitor the effectiveness of my staff, who are working from home.

Nils Rognerud of MeetAsianBabe.com
Nils Rognerud

Your Time Doctor program is awesome! It's been fantastic to not only keep closer track of my own time - but to be able to track accurately what my business partners, employees and overseas contractors are doing is very reassuring and freeing! It's great to know the TRUTH!!! I think twice before checking my emails or side tracking onto another task before I've finished the one I'm on. It's not only holding my employees accountable, it's also keeping me accountable to practise what I preach!

Warwick Beauchamp of OnlineMarketing.net.nz
Warwick Beauchamp

I LOVE IT!!!I am a software developer myself and Have always had a problem with my offsite developers billing for more hours than they work. This is a great tool... It's awesome.

David Vaccaro
David Vaccaro

I run a call center where I research commercial properties all over the world….Before Time Doctor, I had no way of tracking my employees that worked from home. Now, I see when they are working and when they aren't. It has improved my company's productivity by more than 25%!

Reid Levy of Commercial Wisdom
Reid Levy
Commercial Wisdom

Time Doctor is just what the doctor ordered for managing remote teams. With regular updates and hard to cheat monitoring tools it not only serves as a great management tool to get more productivity out of your teams but it also does the "micro-managing" for you. Some staff will try to get away with as much as they can but Time Doctor ensures they have a limited leash to run. I have tried many other tools but with the attention to detail and regular updates, Time Doctor is in my opinion, leading the field in remote workforce time monitoring and management.

James Rick of GlobalSky.com
James Rick

My company pays employees hourly for 7 years now, and so far we've used our custom developed apps. I always wanted to use something better, which not only can replace our existing system, but also can increase productivity of my team. After trying Time Doctor for a while, I absolutely loved it and now we're migrating to Time Doctor. Thanks a lot Time Doctor team.

Nikhil Patel of CompliTech.net
Nikhil Patel

This is it! This is the software solution I have been looking out for. It is only few hours I have been using it but I can see it solves lots of the problem I have managing around a 15 member team.

Alok Maheshwari, Founder/CEO of HarmonyInfotech.in
Alok Maheshwari, Founder/CEO

Hey Rob, I think your software could not have come at a better time for me as I have just set up a web consulting business and am easily distracted. Amazing how much time gets wasted on checking e-mail/Facebook. So I think Time Doctor is awesome.

Dean of NZ Web Consulting
NZ Web Consulting

I'm really thrilled with this. I manage a team of folks around the world including here in US. I'm really into operational efficiency and I have to admit, if it takes too much time, we won't use it. This is so super easy to set and work with all day to manage your time, even I do it lol!

Lisa Schwartz of OnlineMediaMagic.com
Lisa Schwartz

There are so many options for time tracking available in my industry but none of them seemed to fit just right. I love the pop up reminder that asks if I'm still working on the task I said I was. The accountability is fantastic! Keeps me focused and on point! Thanks for the great product!

Melissa Dery of TheGoldenRuleVA.com
Melissa Dery

Time Doctor works really well for me as it is made exactly for outsourcing based entrepreneurs.

Ryoma Machida
Ryoma Machida

Thank you for the opportunity to use, trial and test your ‘Time Doctor’ software. I have used the software for the last 6 months specifically for the real estate aspect of my business and for staff I outsource work to, in the Philippines and the USA. I have also used Time Doctor as a company employee as well as managing staff via the backend dashboard.

The system has been extremely well thought out and executed. As a personal user, it made me focus on specific tasks throughout each day and urged me to complete tasks efficiently and in a timely way. It highlighted where I was wasting time and directed me to eliminate that aspect of my day by recognizing social media sites, music, video applications and others and directing me back to the task at hand. The interface is a simple, easy to use design and it’s formatting simplifies what could be difficult and only becomes intrusive when one strays away from the job. It allows for breaks and automatically signs off the user after a period of inactivity. Overall I found the user experience a 9/10.

From a managerial point of view, the daily and weekly summary of work completed by your staff, is second to none. The consolidated weekly report is all you need to manage jobs, set checks and plan future tasks and most importantly, only pay for work being done.

Ian Fraser of TheBlockBlog.com
Ian Fraser

This Tool Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals Faster. The single most valuable resource in your life is your time. You can make more money but you can't fabricate more than 24 hours in a day. The most successful people learn how to focus on the highest priorites first... instead of wasting time on the minutia. Time Doctor has helped me by first identifying where I'm spending my time (so I can eliminate the things I should not be doing) and then keeps me focused by constantly reminding me of the highest priorities of my day.

In addition, it helps me manage my team better by allowing me to monitor what they are working on each day without me having to micro manage them. With Time Doctor I can help them be more productive and focused on the things that matter the most. It's simply amazing ... just try it and you'll see for yourself the impact it will have on your productivity and focus throughout the day

Cris Chico of CrisChico.com
Cris Chico

Companies with geographically spread out workforce, primarily working from home are going to be much more of a norm than it currently is. Time Doctor is the best solution that I have seen that addresses this space. It is not only a great productivity tool for individuals, but it is the best tool for managing a geographically spread out and independent workforce.

Sunil Kanderi, Co-Founder of Mokriya.com
Sunil Kanderi, Co-Founder

I started using Time Doctor two weeks ago. Within days I discovered that one of our virtual staff was spending at least 2 hours of paid time each day studying facebook, adult sites, online games, iTunes downloading etc, and probably spent even more time before I installed TD. Imagine if I had hired this guy for another year? So TD has saved me thousands already. I’ve used dozens of PM tools over the years, none come close to what TD does. I’m sure my team saves more time daily because I save at least 1 hour daily by using it for myself! Thanks Rob Rawson, and all of you in the TD Team, for the most amazing, well thought out productivity tool that has yet been created. You literally will save many businesses from going under due to unproductive practices, unethical remote staff and the many other productivity black holes that are lurking out there. Time Doctor, is more than a service or a mere product it's a social asset! My family reaps the benefits, and how can I put a value on that? This past 2 weeks since I implemented TD across my teams, I’m calmer, I sleep so much better each night knowing my team is doing exactly what they are paid to do. I can’t thank you enough! (I have ZERO affiliation with Time Doctor in case you are wondering, except to have been blessed to finally try it out after having it sitting on my desktop for months.)

Paul Cermak, Local Search Expert
Paul Cermak, Local Search Expert

I currently use Time Doctor. I think it is an excellent tool for staff monitoring. I really recommend it!

Pilar of PickAWeb.co.uk

Time Doctor is interactive. I use it as a daily tool to make sure I am being productive. It enables me to stay focused in order to complete a specific task. The reports I receive are really dynamic even to track time I work for a specific client in order to bill them accordingly. In the past time has gotten lost in the mix when I’m working on multiple projects at once. This applies to my team as well. I can see what tasks they have completed and when they are working. Time Doctor really helps me prepare follow up meetings and not micro manage.

Espree Devora of EspreeDevora.com
Espree Devora

I chose Time Doctor since I felt that RescueTime wasn't meeting my needs (it's better for personal use, lots of fancy graphs etc.) but your solution it targeted towards helping me to manage my virtual team of people in a dead simple way, and I like that.It was really (surprisingly) easy to get setup and get going.

Matt Ackerson of Petovera.com
Matt Ackerson

At the beginning, it wasn't that great to find out that some of us spent more than two daily hours "on a break". But the next day, the average hours worked increased 20%. So it's a great product, and a great tool not only for monitoring outsourced employees, but also as a personal time management tool. Gets you eager to beat the day before. Needless to say, the support is unbeatable (couldn't expect less from a company that offers such a product!)

Pepe Amorin, VP Marketing of Startups.com Network, Inc.
Pepe Amorin, VP Marketing
Startups.com Network, Inc.

I am very happy upon discovering your product! This will soon become all we need to manage office workers, clients, and outsourced helpers!

Jalex Hongco
Jalex Hongco

Employees started to work more now to accomplish their tasks. For example, after two days with Time Doctor one of the employees asked me what he should do if he has idle time. Well.. I guess it was always this way, but he never asked before we started using Time Doctor.

Mauricio Etcheverry of YoreParo.com
Mauricio Etcheverry

I use Time Doctor to manage my entire team. My company manages about 100+ accounts for small businesses and all our team is 100% virtual. I could not manage my team's time successfully without Time Doctor. It is a must have tool for those who use virtual work force.

Matthew Hunt, Head Coach of Small Business Online Coach
Matthew Hunt, Head Coach
Small Business Online Coach

The software is great! I really enjoy it, so far I've only personally used it but as my projects expand and business grows I plan on using it for future employees as well!

Ryan Littler of Ryanorion.com
Ryan Littler

Managing a team with over 25 people from all around the world was a difficult task – but Time Doctor provided the task management, screenshots and motivational tools to turn my entrepreneurial business into a success. With it’s essential administrative features and reports, I can easily scale my team without losing the control I need. Highly recommended!

Hamed Farhadian of Hamed.de
Hamed Farhadian

Time Doctor has become a core system for our company. As we increase our offshore staffing, Time Doctor provides real control and visibility into what our resources are working on. After email and CRM it is the 3rd most used software in our company. Keep it up guys!

Mitchell Bourne, CEO of FlemingtonDirect.com.au
Mitchell Bourne, CEO

I really like Time Doctor and what it has to offer. I work for an IT Consulting company and we are always busy. I juggle many tasks on a day to day basis. I like Time Doctor’s ability to track my time and send an email from the previous day. It works well since we need to enter time for everything we do.

David Camp of ClearNorthTech.com
David Camp

I found Time Doctor via a friend. I told him that I was having trouble getting everything accomplished that I needed to and felt a little overwhelmed. He said he felt the same and came across Time Doctor at one his conventions he was at and started using it.

I just started on Friday, however Friday was a very productive day and TD really helped me stay on course. It's not so much me being accountable to a boss--b/c I'm the boss; but it's more just holding myself accountable to certain time restrictions and telling me how I can better utilize my time.

Jay Root
Jay Root

I've been using your software for three days and I love it....it has definitely given me a sense of clarity about my daily tasks and my time. I have an online magazine and I use social media quite a bit to promote it, so getting sidetracked is pretty easy. For example, sometimes I'll write a story, then post it on my site's Facebook page. I get the little pop-up that asks if I'm still working on the task -- most of the time I am, but sometimes I'll realize that I clicked something else related and need to re-focus.

Lindsay Kottmann
Lindsay Kottmann

Time Doctor is absolutely fantastic. I can't say enough good things about Time Doctor. It has really helped to keep me in focus and work more efficiently.I've tried many time management programs and they all suffer from the same thing...too complicated. I think that is one of the best things about Time Doctor - simplicity!

Andre Avalos
Andre Avalos

Hi guys, excellent product. Non-invasive, dead simple to use, keep it up & keep growing - you rock.

Nick Murray of MobSafety.com
Nick Murray

I just love this product! As I first launched StarOfService with my partners Lucas and Maël, we had some difficulties at the beginning to manage the people who were working with us. As we have a full team in remote (india, russia, china, ukraine etc.), we needed a great tool to be sure that people were working on tasks that we needed to focus on. After hiring 10 people in StarOfService, we decided to use Time Doctor and it completely improved the productivity of the whole team. We are also now able to know who is working hard and who deserve to be more than just an employee but a partner.

Toni Paignant of StarOfService
Toni Paignant