How to cancel your Toggl subscription (4 easy steps)

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Cancel Toggl

Decided to end your Toggl subscription? 

In this article, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for subscribers on how to cancel Toggl, as well as how to downgrade to a free account. 

We’ll also take you through some other things to keep in mind when canceling Toggl time tracker. 

Plus, we’ll give you a great time tracking app alternative you should consider to help maximize your workspace productivity.

Let’s get started. 

How to cancel Toggl (step-by-step)

In Toggl, you can either proceed with a full cancellation of your subscription or downgrade to a free account. Downgrading allows you to continue using the tool in a limited capacity as long as you like. 

Let’s start by looking at how to cancel your subscription fully. 

1. Cancel subscription 

Here are the steps you’ll need to take for full cancellation.

Step 1: 

Head to the web app to initiate your cancellation since you can’t do it through the mobile app or desktop app. Begin by entering your login details to gain access to your Toggl Track account in the web app. 

Toggl track login page

Step 2: 

Once signed in, locate the left-hand sidebar, and click on Subscriptions.

Step 3: 

Next, click on the All Plans tab. This will take you to the final stage.

Step 4: 

You should now see the details of your paid plan and subscription options. Click on the Cancel Plan button located on the right side of the screen.

Toggl Cancel plan

Follow the confirmation instructions in the next window of the web app to fully cancel your Toggl Track subscription.

Toggl cancel your plan

Want to still keep the tool as an option? You can simply downgrade your plan.

Let’s find out who has the option to downgrade to a free account and the steps you can take to complete this process.

2. Downgrade to a free Toggl track account

For subscribers with less than 5 users, there is an alternative to full cancellation — downgrading your Toggl account. 

Toggl Track offers a free version of its software but with limited capabilities. 

While you’ll miss out on aspects such as detailed reports for audits, you’ll still have access to a range of capabilities. These include the basic report feature, time tracking through the Toggl timer, and access to a Toggl workspace. 

If you feel like continuing time entries through this version of Toggl track before fully moving on from Toggl, here are the steps you need to downgrade.

Step 1: 

Log in to the Toggl web app from to gain access to your account.

Step 2: 

Once signed in, locate the left-hand sidebar, and click on Subscriptions.

Step 3:

Once on the subscriptions page, locate and click on All Plans.

Step 4: 

Under the different subscription options, locate the free plan and click on the Downgrade to free button. Follow the confirmation instructions, and you’ll be all set!

While canceling or making changes to your Toggl plan should be straightforward, there are still a few points to note.

Things to keep in mind while canceling a Toggl plan

Here are a few details you should know about:

  • Toggl doesn’t offer a refund policy, so you won’t receive any money back if you choose to cancel mid-way through your payment cycle.
  • Client accounts with more than 5 users will not be able to downgrade and will instead be frozen upon cancellation. None of the users will have access to the Toggl app features unless you renew your subscription. 
  • For users who are part of an organization with a Toggl account, only account managers can fully close accounts, remove a workspace, or delete the organization from Toggl Track. Other users will need to contact their account manager to request an account closure.
  • As you’ll already be charged for your current billing cycle, you can continue using the Toggl app and plan capabilities up until your current paid plan expires.

Now you know how to cancel Toggl subscription.

Although you may feel that a Toggl track account doesn’t fulfill your productivity needs, an alternative might be a better fit for you.

The best Toggl alternative: Time Doctor

time doctor - better for the organization

Time Doctor is an effective employee productivity tool used by major corporations, such as Verizon and Ericsson, as well as small businesses like Thrive Market.

The tool offers robust features like manual, automatic, and idle tracking time, billable hours, and payroll management for freelancer and salaried employees. You also have access to extensive detailed report options on employee productivity and a host of other features.

Let’s take a look at some of these.

1. Time tracking

Time Doctor offers automatic and interactive modes to track employee hours down to the second. 

With interactive time tracking, employees can manually track their own time and manage time entries. They only need to click on the play and pause button to start and stop time tracking as and when they need a break.

time doctor track time

The silent tracking time option records a new time entry automatically. When an employee turns on their device, the current timer starts recording a new time entry in the background, without disturbing the employee’s workflow.

2. Idle time tracking

You can further improve employee productivity by using Time Doctor’s Idle time tracker.

After a period of mouse and keyboard inactivity, Time Doctor uses pop-ups to ask employees whether they are still working. If they are, they can click continue and begin working with a regained focus. If not, the tracker pauses the time entry automatically.

idle time popup alert

Note: Time Doctor doesn’t support keylogging to protect employee privacy. It only checks if the keys and mouse are in use.

3. Web and app monitoring

Minimize work time wastage by categorizing websites and apps according to productivity. You can rank websites for the whole company or individual teams. The categories are: 

  • Productive.
  • Neutral.
  • Unproductive.
  • Unrated.

For example, you can rate Pinterest as productive for your design team, but unproductive for all other teams. 

Time Doctor Web and app monitoring

4. Screencasts (optional)

You can enhance workplace transparency and employee accountability using the screen monitoring feature. 

This optional feature lets you take screengrabs of employee’s monitors at set intervals, allowing you to look deeper into individual employee workflow and behaviors.

It can help pinpoint where the employees need improvements or additional training.

Time Doctor screencast

Note: You can delete or blur screenshots containing personal or sensitive information to protect employees’ privacy.

5. Payroll 

Time Doctor integrates with major payment sites to make payroll processing a breeze. This enhanced functionality helps you manage payment details and conduct automatic payouts. 

Here’s how Time Doctor’s time tracking payroll integration works:

  • Customize your payroll with optional pay periods and currencies.
  • Integrate Time Doctor with tools you already use, like Paypal, Payoneer, and more.
  • Use timesheet automation to automatically upload them for batch payments and bulk billing.
  • Set up payroll and manage billable hours for salaried or hourly employees.
Time Doctor payroll management

6. Reports 

You can access daily, weekly, and monthly reports to get a time tracking overview for all employees across multiple projects.

Here are the types of detailed reports Time Doctor offers:

  • Attendance reports: This report shows you if a user was present, absent, partially absent, or late for their shift. 
  • Hours tracked: This report shows how many hours each user tracked per day, per week, or in any selected date range.
  • Project and task reports: See a breakdown of how much time employees are spending on specific tasks across multiple projects.
  • Timeline reports: The ‘day view’ shows a timeline of each user’s day, such as when they worked on a particular task and when they took breaks.
  • Web and app usage reports: This report shows the time spent on different websites and applications, as well as their productivity levels.
  • Activity summary reports: Check employees’ time, such as idle and active minutes during working hours. 
Time Doctor activity summary report

7. Integrations

Time Doctor makes time tracking easier by allowing you to track time on your existing work apps using a Chrome extension. The Google Chrome extension inserts a button for tracking time in third-party apps.

Time Doctor integrates with 60+ apps, enabling smooth project management. Some of these include:

Time Doctor’s dedicated Android time tracking app also allows you to track time via employe’s mobiles. 


Time Doctor offers a 14-day free trial with no payment details required for sign-up – an excellent option to get a taste of how it can help your organization. The basic plan starts as low as $7/user per month.

With some of the strongest features on the market, a Time Doctor subscription will certainly offer enhanced functionality for tracking your employees’ work time. 

Wrapping up

Whether you want to fully cancel your Toggl subscription or downgrade to a free account, the process is simple and straightforward.  

And, if you’re unsatisfied with Toggl’s features like limited reporting, lack of payroll automation, pricing, or any other drawback, there is a reliable and affordable alternative — Time Doctor.

Time Doctor’s versatile and easy-to-use system will certainly help you raise your employee productivity levels efficiently and with a lasting impact. 

Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Time Doctor to experience how the right time management tool can empower your employees and teams to make the best use of their work time.

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