How to cancel RescueTime (plus a powerful alternative)

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How to cancel RescueTime

If you’re wondering how to cancel RescueTime, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll provide you with the easy steps to cancel your subscription or delete your RescueTime account. We’ll then introduce you to the best RescueTime alternative. 

Let’s go! 

How to cancel RescueTime 

RescueTime is a time management and productivity app that helps users and teams be more focused and efficient.

However, it may not be suited to every business’s needs. For example, it lacks project tracking features, doesn’t track attendance, and its Productivity Pulse function doesn’t measure individual productivity.

You can easily cancel your subscription for your paid RescueTime account (RescueTime Premium or RescueTime Classic) or delete your account at any time. 

1. How to cancel your subscription

Here are the steps to cancel your RescueTime subscription: 

1. Open RescueTime and log into your RescueTime account using your credentials. 

2. Navigate to the top-right-hand corner and select the Tools menu. 

3. Select Account Settings, then click Billing.

4. To unsubscribe, click Downgrade to RescueTime Lite, which can be found at the bottom right of the screen. 

Downgrade to RescueTime Lite

With RescueTime, canceling a paid subscription is like pressing pause. You keep your login details, hold onto your data, and can continue to use the RescueTime Lite tool (the free version of RescueTime). This ensures you won’t continue to be billed for the service. 

If you don’t want to downgrade to RescueTime Lite, you’ll have to delete your account. Let’s look at the steps needed for that. 

2. How to delete your account 

Even if you uninstall RescueTime from your computer, your account won’t be deleted. 

Now, to delete your data and remove your account, follow these steps: 

1. Log into your RescueTime account using your credentials. 

2. Select the Tools menu. 

3. Go to Account Settings, then click Account.

4. Click Delete your account, which can be found under Your Data in the bottom-right corner.

Note: Deleting your account is permanent and can’t be undone. Once your account is deleted, you can uninstall the app from your desktop. You can reinstall RescueTime and restart the subscription service anytime.

Rescue time delete account

If RescueTime wasn’t the best fit for your business, you shouldn’t turn your back on time tracking. Tracking employee time still has many benefits if you find the right tool.

Is there a better option than RescueTime?

Let’s take a look at a powerful alternative we think you’ll love.

The best RescueTime alternative: Time Doctor

time doctor - better for the organization

Time Doctor is a robust employee productivity management software with powerful time tracking capabilities. It’s trusted by large companies like Ericsson and small companies like Thrive Market to improve overall productivity and time management.   

Here are a few of Time Doctor’s powerful features: 

1. Transparent time tracking

Time Doctor offers two user-friendly methods of tracking employees’ work hours with automatic and interactive time tracking modes. 

A. Interactive time tracking

Employees can track their own work hours by manually clicking the ‘start’ button to begin the time tracker and the ‘stop’ button to finish tracking time or take a break. 

time doctor track time

B. Automatic time tracking 

This silent tracker automatically begins as soon as an employee turns on their computer. It allows for minimal distractions and limits the chances of employees forgetting to track time. 

2. Screencasts (optional)

You can take screenshots of employees’ work devices at pre-set intervals which managers can decide and customize using the Company Settings page. This optional feature can provide valuable insight into time usage and employee workflows. 

Understandably, privacy is a valid concern while employee monitoring — but don’t worry. 

Time Doctor has a privacy and security policy to keep employee data and screencasts safe. Managers can also blur or delete screenshots to protect employee privacy. 

Time Doctor manage users screencast

3. Productivity ratings

Productivity ratings let you categorize websites and applications as Productive, Unproductive, Neutral, or Unrated based on their relevance to employees’ tasks.

The best part? You can customize the ratings. For example, you can set social media apps like Twitter as unproductive for the entire company but productive for the digital marketing team.  

productivity percentage

4. Detailed reports

Time Doctor offers a range of comprehensive reports for productivity tracking that provide a greater overview of employee behavior and work patterns, like absenteeism rates. 

Here are some reports you can access: 

  • Hours tracked report: See how employees spend their workdays, from hour to hour or over a select period.
  • Timeline reports: Get a visual, real-time timesheet of the employee’s day.  
  • Activity reports: Get an overview of active minutes and seconds, manual, unproductive, and mobile time for a specific employee of a chosen period. 
  • Projects and tasks report: This shows a detailed report of the amount of time spent on each project and task.
  • Web and app usage report: Displays the websites and apps accessed throughout the workday by employees.    
  • Attendance report: See when employees are present, late, partially absent, or absent for a shift. 
work schedule absent present

5. Robust integrations 

This time tracking software offers 60+ powerful third-party integrations through its Chrome extension. This extension allows you to control the timer in different apps without having to change windows.

Some of these integrations include: 

  • Project management: Asana, Github, etc. 
  • Communication: Podio, ClickUp, etc.
  • Payroll and management: PayPal, Gusto, etc. 
  • Google Workspace (G Suite), including Google calendar. 

6. Payroll Integration 

Time Doctor’s payroll feature lets you automate accurate payments based on hours tracked. It also allows you to easily separate billable hours and non billable hours, select a pay period, change the currency, and more. 


Time Doctor offers a free 14-day trial (no credit card required). For paid plans, pricing starts from $7/user per month.

Time Doctor’s additional features:

  • Use multiple devices to track time, including the desktop app for Windows, Mac, or Linux and the mobile app for an Android mobile device (available from the Google Play Store).
  • Track online and offline time.  
  • Idle time tracking capabilities to detect keyboard and mouse usage and monitor active or inactive time. To aid distraction management, a pop-up notification nudges employees to return to work or take a break. 
  • Use the attendance feature to set work schedules, easily track attendance, and set the minimum number of hours required per shift. 

But that’s not all. Here’s a full list of Time Doctor’s features

Final thoughts 

Canceling your RescueTime account is a simple process. It requires logging into your account, accessing your account settings, and then downgrading to RescueTime Lite.  

RescueTime lacks essential features, like task and project tracking and individual productivity reports.  

So if you’re on the hunt for an excellent time tracking software alternative, Time Doctor is the best one! 

Ready to skyrocket your organization’s productivity and profitability? Sign up for Time Doctor’s free 14-day trial today.

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