Highest-rated employee monitoring software and a proven mid-market fit: What G2’s Winter awards revealed

by Amy Owens
G2 Winter award

In the season of gift-giving and new beginnings, we’ve received the best present of all — confirmation that users love us!

Popular software review site G2’s quarterly reports for Winter 2023 show that Time Doctor held its number one ranking in the Employee Monitoring category for the eighth quarter in a row. We also out-ranked six competitors compared to last quarter to rise to 12th spot for the Time Tracking category (out of 125 products). 

Time Doctor earned a total of 21 Trust Badges in Winter 2023. Eligibility for a G2 Trust Badge requires that a software solution is reviewed at least 50 times within the evaluation period, by legitimate users of the product. 

Other key rankings for Time Doctor revealed in G2’s Winter 2023 reports include:

  • #1 for overall Market Presence in the Employee Monitoring category, which is based on combining 15 metrics including reviews, web presence, social media, growth, employee satisfaction and engagement. 
  • #1 by Enterprise segment for Business Tool Integration and Internationalization in Time Tracking. Time Doctor lets you connect and combine data with leading solutions for managing finances, payroll, HR, customer service and marketing — so you can use employee activity insights to inform broader operations and streamline workflows like billing clients and processing accurate wages. As a tool designed for global, distributed teams it also readily supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • #2 by Mid-Market segment for User Satisfaction in Employee Monitoring. 
  • #3 for overall Mobile App Usage in Employee Monitoring.
  • #4 for overall User Satisfaction in Employee Monitoring.
  • #4 by Enterprise segment for Automated Reminders in Time Tracking.

G2 Trust Badges earned by Time Doctor in Winter 2023:

G2 Employee Monitoring LeaderLeader for Employee MonitoringG2 TimeTracking LeaderLeader for Time Tracking
G2 Employee Monitoring Momentum LeaderMomentum Leader for Employee MonitoringG2 TimeTracking Momentum LeaderMomentum Leader for Time Tracking
G2 Time Tracking Mid-Market LeaderMid-Market Leader for Time TrackingG2 Employee Monitoring Mid-Market LeaderMid-Market Leader for Employee Monitoring
G2 EmployeeMonitoring BestRelationship Mid Market Total
Best Relationship Mid-Market for Employee Monitoring
G2 EmployeeMonitoring Highest User Adoption Mid-Market Adoption
Highest User Adoption Mid-Market for Employee Monitoring
G2 Employee Monitoring Small-Business LeaderSmall Business Leader for Employee MonitoringG2 TimeTracking Small Business LeaderSmall Business Leader for Time Tracking
G2 TimeTracking Asia LeaderAsia Leader for Time TrackingG2 Time Tracking Asia Pacific LeaderAsia Pacific Leader for Time Tracking
G2 TimeTracking Mid-Market Asia Pacific LeaderMid-Market, Asia Pacific Leader for Time TrackingG2 TimeTracking Mid-Market Asia LeaderMid-Market, Asia Leader for Time Tracking
G2 TimeTracking Middle East Africa LeaderMiddle East & Africa Leader for Time TrackingG2 TimeTracking Latin America LeaderLatin America Leader for Time Tracking
G2 Time Tracking India LeaderIndia Leader for Time TrackingG2 TimeTracking Europe LeaderEurope Leader for Time Tracking
G2 TimeTracking Southeast Asia LeaderSoutheast Asia Leader for Time TrackingG2 Time Tracking Small-Business AsiaPacific LeaderSmall Business, Asia Pacific Leader for Time Tracking
G2 Time Tracking Small-Business Asia LeaderSmall Business, Asia Leader for Time Tracking

Four new awards prove Time Doctor’s value for mid-market firms

What’s new in Winter 2023? While Time Doctor continues to be a sought-after solution for small, midsize and enterprise customers, we earned four new badges that specifically demonstrate how well we serve the mid-market segment:

  • Leader Mid-Market in Employee Monitoring: Reflecting the growing use of Time Doctor among mid-market firms for unobtrusively tracking what happens during the work day. We also maintained our ‘Leader Mid-Market’ badge in the Time Tracking category.
  • Best Relationship Mid-Market in Employee Monitoring: This essentially means our mid-market customers find it incredibly easy and rewarding dealing with Time Doctor as a vendor. G2’s relationship index is based on customer satisfaction scores across facets like: ease of doing business with; quality of support; and likelihood of recommending our product.
  • Leader Mid-Market Asia in Time Tracking: In Winter 2023, Asian mid-market companies rated Time Doctor highly. We also earned a new badge for Leader SMB Asia, moved up from High Performer to a Leader position for Southeast Asia, and maintained our badge as an overall Leader Asia in the Time Tracking category.
  • Highest User Adoption Mid-Market in Employee Monitoring: User adoption is a critical metric for business leaders, because what’s the point in buying new software if your team won’t embrace it? We topped the Employee Monitoring category for user adoption at 86%, and naturally this also contributed to us achieving the fastest payback period in this category — customers saw ROI in less than nine months.

See how we compare to competitors when it comes to ROI  

Reviews from real users shared on the G2 software review site last quarter show that across all categories, 59% of Time Doctor customers see a positive return on investment in six months or less. 

That means Time Doctor customers achieve ROI:

  • 11 months faster than users of Prohance
  • 4 months faster than users of Teramind
  • 3 months faster than users of ActivTrak
  • 2 months faster than users of DeskTime

Need a trusted time and activity tracking solution in 2023?

New calendar years often give rise to new projects. Perhaps your business is looking for ways to better manage remote workers, increase efficiency, boost engagement or reduce attrition costs? Part of the solution is likely to include digital tools, which means researching and comparing different software products.

When business decision-makers want to buy software, they inevitably find themselves checking reviews on G2.com. It’s built a reputation for reliable, honest product ratings guided by genuine user feedback. While there are a number of quality marketplaces for SaaS solutions, G2 is considered a leader and its awards and badges have real-world clout — rather than being superficial or ‘paid-for’ window-dressing. 

That’s why we pay attention (and alert you) to each quarterly report from G2. Up-to-date trust badges from a recognised brand like G2 gives customers exploring SaaS products a quick and easy way to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of software. 

In other words, if you’re considering using Time Doctor to monitor employee activity and productivity in 2023, you can verify from the badges we earn and display that our recent product performance (as rated by real users) is exceptionally high — and trust that the solution will deliver what you need.

Discover for yourself why users love us by requesting a demo today.

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