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Pipedrive and Time Doctor Integration

Monitor time in Pipedrive with Time Doctor.

Keep better track of time throughout the sales process with our Pipedrive and Time Doctor integration.

The art of selling requires many different skills and tasks, which can make it difficult to track time and projects accurately throughout the day. Of course, you could always manually keep track of your hours or use an outdated tracking system, but we’ve got a better solution that will allow you to focus on what actually matters: your customers and leads.

Integrate Pipedrive with Time Doctor for better efficiency.

Take your sales CRM, Pipedrive, to the next level and track time spent on each task with the Time Doctor Chrome extension. You’ll stay organized and up to date on work completed with web, app, and chat histories, optional screenshots, and more.

You’ll love how easy it is to use – just a quick click of a button works wonders. You can track time accurately, down to the second, generate productivity reports, and receive real-time project updates. You’ll also reduce that dreaded administrative work because Time Doctor creates automated timesheets that make payroll a breeze. These features can be turned on and off as needed.

Equip your sales team with the right tools and watch your business grow!

Incorporate Time Doctor with your other apps and programs.

Once you sign up for Time Doctor and install the Chrome extension, you can easily track your progress in Pipedrive and many of the other programs that you already use. Use it for Google Apps, Office 365, Basecamp, Asana, and more. Check out all the available integrations here.

The best part is that it’s nearly effortless to use! Click the start/stop timer button while using a program and let us do the rest. Our reports let managers see workflow and productivity all in one spot so that it’s easier to find ways to improve efficiency.

Businesses report an average increase in productivity of 22% when using Time Doctor. Why? Time Doctor gives both employees and employers the ability to find time-wasting behavior and eliminate it quickly.

While you can’t magically increase the hours in a day, you can analyze your time and plan better with Time Doctor!

How to track time in Pipedrive with the Time Doctor integration.

CRM software like Pipedrive is advanced and multifaceted, so your time-tracking software should be, too. Time Doctor provides deep insights into time use and gives your sales team better project management capabilities.

To get started with the Chrome extension, the team’s admin must activate it in the Time Doctor dashboard under Settings -> Integrations. Task tracking must be turned on as well in the Settings -> Company Settings section. Click here to learn more about our Chrome extension and how it works.

If your company has 20 or more employees, our onboarding team can help you set up at no extra cost. Don’t waste another minute! Sign up for Time Doctor’s smart time tracking today.

But wait, there's more!

Web & App Usage Two

See how much time your employees spend on each website and application they use.

Client Login

Let your clients log in to see the time tracked on their projects.

Poor Time Use Report

See how long each employee has spent on websites that are not work-related.

Work Schedules

Set up schedules for employees and track their attendance.


Easily pay your employees based on either hours tracked or on fixed salaries.


Our popups help users put their focus back on their work.


Our API allows your own software application to interact directly with Time Doctor.

And mucho more...

Read more about the full range of optional features that Time Doctor provides.