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MeisterTask Time Tracking

Increase business productivity by combining MeisterTask and Time Doctor through our Chrome extension

Imagine if you could instantly make MeisterTask project management more efficient by installing the Time Doctor Chrome extension for advanced time tracking.

In addition to project management, Time Doctor simplifies employee time tracking and productivity monitoring with web and app reports, automated payroll, and more. This is perfect for businesses with remote teams, outsourced employees, or teams who are on the computer all day.

The Time Doctor Chrome extension lets you:

  • Analyze how much time is spent on tasks.

  • Combine data on project progress or view individual reports.

  • Simplify management with one reliable and all-inclusive productivity tool.

How does the integration work?

After signing up and installing Time Doctor on your computer, simply download the Chrome extension. The Time Doctor software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Once installed, enable time tracking for MeisterTask and your progress will show up in the Time Doctor dashboard ( available online). Utilize these reports to instantly see a summary of your progress along with your employees’ progress in their projects.

Receive proof of your team’s MeisterTask work

The work your team completes in MeisterTask is confirmed with Time Doctor’s many features, including screenshots, time records, and web use history. Each employee is held accountable for the work completed and the time spent on a particular task.

Time Doctor removes any doubts you may have about your remote employees or outsourced team while helping to keep projects on time and on budget.

As your business grows, it can become increasingly more difficult to keep track of employees and their tasks, but Time Doctor’s integration with MeisterTask makes employee tracking effortless.

Try our project management software with time tracking and more!

Discover the easiest and fastest way to improve work productivity for you and your employees with the Time Doctor and MeisterTask integration. This is just the beginning of what the Time Doctor Chrome extension has to offer.

Our software has fully customizable options that let employers and managers know how long projects take to ensure accurate billing. Employers can see what their team members are doing during work hours, even if they’re hundreds of miles away.

From wasting time on social media to going off-task during work hours and taking long breaks, Time Doctor can stop bad habits and improve efficiency at work. Track time in apps and in programs, online or off.

Make MeisterTask better. Automate your workflow and streamline your success.

Alone, MeisterTask project management can only do so much. But when combined with Time Doctor, the possibilities are endless. Click to view a comparison of the programs from FinancesOnline.

This is the easiest way to simplify project management with options for organizing, planning, sorting, delegating, prioritizing, tracking, and reporting tasks. Improve team collaboration on projects from start to finish.

But wait, there's more!

Web & App Usage Two

See how much time your employees spend on each website and application they use.

Client Login

Let your clients log in to see the time tracked on their projects.

Poor Time Use Report

See how long each employee has spent on websites that are not work-related.

Work Schedules

Set up schedules for employees and track their attendance.


Easily pay your employees based on either hours tracked or on fixed salaries.


Our popups help users put their focus back on their work.


Our API allows your own software application to interact directly with Time Doctor.

And mucho more...

Read more about the full range of optional features that Time Doctor provides.