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Time Doctor integration with Gusto

Upload your Time Doctor payroll to Gusto.

No more manual errors or endless spreadsheets.

Payroll can be complicated, especially when it comes to tracking and entering accurate employee times. Time Doctor’s Payroll feature gives you complete flexibility over pay periods and will automatically calculate payroll amounts for each of your employees.

When you link Time Doctor with Gusto, you can set aside your payroll spreadsheets and manual entries. Since Time Doctor automatically calculates pay based on hours tracked, there’s no risk of calculation errors. You’ll save both time and money on payroll.

Easily log time on the tool of your choice.

With Time Doctor, you can accurately record every minute of work, from anywhere. You can do so with the stop/start timer on the desktop app or with the 43+ different project management and CRM apps that Time Doctor integrates with.

See how all your projects are progressing with reports that show the key metrics you need to keep an eye on.

How does it work?

First, you’ll need to enable payroll in your Company Settings. After doing that, you’ll see a new menu item at the top called “Payroll”.

Now, you can configure and generate your payroll. Simply enable the additional payment method by switching the toggle for Gusto to the “on” position. Then select the details, such as the user(s), date range, payment currency, etc., and choose Gusto as the payment method for each person. You can then export your payroll as a CSV file and use the CSV upload feature on Gusto to upload your employees’ hours and earnings all at once for regular payroll runs.

But wait, there's more!

Web & App Usage Two

See how much time your employees spend on each website and application they use.

Client Login

Let your clients log in to see the time tracked on their projects.

Poor Time Use Report

See how long each employee has spent on websites that are not work-related.

Work Schedules

Set up schedules for employees and track their attendance.


Easily pay your employees based on either hours tracked or on fixed salaries.


Our popups help users put their focus back on their work.


Our API allows your own software application to interact directly with Time Doctor.

And mucho more...

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