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BugHerd and Time Doctor Integration

Track time in BugHerd with Time Doctor.

Developers, designers, marketing agencies, and freelancers can rejoice! The BugHerd integration with Time Doctor makes it easy to track time and create automated timesheets for billing and payroll.

Take your business to a whole new level with increased efficiency at the click of a button, which enables project management and time tracking all in one spot. You can even give your clients access to see the progress on their projects and tasks.

Track time accurately for BugHerd website projects with Time Doctor.

If you or your company uses BugHerd, integrate it with the Time Doctor Chrome extension to automate time tracking, receive detailed time use reports, site and app history reports, optional screenshots, and automated timesheets. One click of a button will make finding out how long a task takes nearly effortless. Use it for your internal, remote, and outsourced employees for instant accountability.

With BugHerd, much of the work requested may be unexpected. So how will you know the time it takes to complete and provide and accurately bill clients?

In the past, you may have had to guess how long tasks took. This can leave you underestimating the time it takes to fix a bug and under-report hours. Put an end to this with accurate time reports, so that you can bill your clients correctly and pay employees for the time it takes to complete work in BugHerd.

Quit relying on inaccurate, manual timesheets and start relying on accurate, real-time reports.

Increase your efficiency in all apps, including BugHerd.

Use the Chrome extension to track time in BugHerd and many of the other tools you’re already using. The Time Doctor productivity tool brings all your work summaries together in one dashboard, with a wide range of integrations and data reports.

You and your team will get instant access to full reports that let you see the big picture of time use. Seamlessly manage projects and see time spent on customer support and client feedback with Time Doctor.

When you’re in control of time use, you’re in control of your money. After all, time is money and it’s worth keeping track of!

Improve workflow in BugHerd with Time Doctor.

You can quickly improve workflow with the click of a button that enables accurate employee monitoring, time tracking, and instant accountability.

Our Time Doctor Chrome extension will insert a start/stop button in BugHerd. While you and your team use BugHerd, click the button to start tracking time. While you do the work, our smart software does the tracking to summarize tasks and time. You can access the productivity reports and timesheets in the Time Doctor dashboard.

In addition to time tracking, detailed reports show time spent on other websites and apps and even break down productive vs. unproductive time to let users self-correct in the future. Distraction alerts and idle computer reminders help keep employees on task during work hours and eliminate time-wasting behavior.

Time Doctor is one of the best time tracking apps for developers and designers.

Individual BugHerd users can get started by signing up for Time Doctor and installing the Chrome extension.

After integration, the “Start Timer” and “Stop Timer” buttons make it easy to track time in BugHerd instantly.

For teams using BugHerd, the Time Doctor Chrome extension must be enabled by an admin. Step one is to log into the account and select Settings -> Integrations. Existing users who have integrations enabled will receive an automatic alert to download the extension once this has been enabled.

If not already enabled during the initial setup, the admin must allow for task tracking under Settings -> Company Settings.

While Time Doctor has both an interactive and silent mode, the Chrome extension only works in the interactive mode. For companies with 20 or more employees, we offer free onboarding support.

Businesses report an average productivity boost of 22% with Time Doctor. Use it with BugHerd and the other apps you’re already using to increase efficiency in your company.

But wait, there's more!

Web & App Usage Two

See how much time your employees spend on each website and application they use.

Client Login

Let your clients log in to see the time tracked on their projects.

Poor Time Use Report

See how long each employee has spent on websites that are not work-related.

Work Schedules

Set up schedules for employees and track their attendance.


Easily pay your employees based on either hours tracked or on fixed salaries.


Our popups help users put their focus back on their work.


Our API allows your own software application to interact directly with Time Doctor.

And mucho more...

Read more about the full range of optional features that Time Doctor provides.