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This is the download page for Time Doctor. You can still download Time Doctor 2.

Time Doctor App

The only app you need for time tracking, checking your to-do list, avoiding distractions and getting things done.

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Available for Windows and Mac OS. Open this page on a computer to download.

Other versions support Windows, MacOSX 8.0, Linux, Chromium or MSI installer for larger organizations and Microsoft networks

Add Time Tracking To Your Apps

Track time on Trello boards, Basecamp to-dos, JIRA issues, meetings from Google Calendar or while you’re working on GitHub issues.
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Avoid Distractions

Time Doctor helps you stay focused by gently nudging you when you get distracted from work. Spend less time on Facebook and YouTube and avoid other distractions.


Organize Today and Tomorrow

Plan your day properly. Put the Basecamp to-dos you’re working on next to the Google Calendar meetings in the same folder.
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Download the Time Doctor App

Time Doctor Chrome App


We recommend the Chrome App is only used on ChromeOS, however you can use it on Windows and Mac devices if your prefer.


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Time Doctor MSI Installer


Deploy Time Doctor across your
entire organization or Microsoft


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Track Time Directly in Your Browser

Time Doctor's new Chrome extension lets you track tasks on Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Asana and 60 other apps.

Available in theChrome Webstore