Time Doctor is now available in 3 additional languages: Russian, Portuguese and Spanish

Тайм трекер тайм доктор локализован

Tracking time accurately and improving productivity is an issues that companies face across the globe. At Time Doctor we currently have customers in 67 countries using our time tracking software. To expand the availability of the product to more locations we’ve decided to start rolling out translations of the software into multiple languages.

The first three languages we have chosen are: Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. We chose these based on demand and the number of our existing users that speak these languages. Unfortunately we cannot satisfy everyone and translate into all major languages simultaneously, but we are planning a roll-out into other languages in the coming months.

We have translated the website, web application and the desktop apps. We’re also working on translations of the mobile apps.

There is a lot of work in translating a complex app such as Time Doctor and we’re still ironing out some issues with the translations. If you have any feedback on the translations or suggestions for improvement please contact us.

Thanks for the support of all our non English speaking users. Just as our customers are from many different countries, our team is also from 16 different countries! We do all speak English, but we have many people on our team for whom English is their second language. This is one of the things we love about the Time Doctor community. We are enabling people to work wherever they are in the world. A lot of organisations are starting to allow their team to work remotely, and Time Doctor is the glue that can convince management to allow their team to work from home.


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