Third party integration capabilities with Time Doctor’s Chrome extension give you better workday insights

by Amy Owens
Time Doctor third party integrations

Here at Time Doctor, we know that third-party integration capabilities have become an important factor when selecting the best software for your teams. The more integrations we can offer, the more insightful we can make your time tracking capabilities and the bigger impact that can make on your organization’s overall productivity. 

Integrating your current systems with a solution like Time Doctor enhances your favorite tools letting you manage projects more easily and consolidate all activity and time tracking into one system.

We’ve put together a quick overview of Time Doctor’s Integration options and how they can help businesses gain deeper insights into team performance and where to make improvements to maximize productivity and efficiency.

How do Time Doctor integrations work?

Time Doctor offers over 60+ integration options (the most out of all of our competitors) including your favorite project management, communication, CRM, help desk and accounting tools.

Some of our most popular integrations include Asana, Trello, Jira, Freshdesk,, Wise and Salesforce. You can read more about those time tracking integrations in this article. What makes our integrations so easy is the Time Doctor Chrome Extension

The Time Doctor Chrome extension inserts a start and stop timer button into most available integrations, letting users easily press play to start tracking a specific project or task and press pause when they want to take a break or switch to another task.

For the payroll integrations, companies can download a CSV that is compatible with these payment tools to bring over the Time Doctor data. The Chrome extension will automatically sync with the desktop app and Time Doctor reports bringing all data back into your account where you can gain deeper work insights.

See how the Time Doctor Chrome Extension adds time tracking to all of your Asana projects letting you keep track of the hours worked on specific tasks:

time tracking asana chrome extension

It’s fast and easy to setup in 3 simple steps:

  1. Enable integrations for the interactive version of Time Doctor within the web app
  2. Download the Time Doctor Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store
  3. Time Doctor will start syncing with all of your favorite tools and you can get straight to work.
enable chrome extension integration

You can also quickly start and stop the timer and keep track of how long you’ve spent on a certain task with the Chrome Extension pop-up. Simply click on the Time Doctor logo in your menu bar and the Chrome extension pop-up will appear like the image below.

Time Doctor Chrome extension

Now that we know how it works, let’s talk about why it’s so important and how you can use it to increase the productivity and performance of your teams.

Top 3 benefits of Time Doctor integrations and the Chrome extension

Benefit #1: Saving time

By enabling integrations you are able to bring all workday activity, no matter where it is performed, into one centralized location. This saves hours of time normally spent pulling information from multiple programs or spreadsheets.

Some applications you use might already come with a time tracking option but you can’t see all data in one place or with the level of detail that Time Doctor provides.

Along with project and task activity, businesses can keep up with attendance and schedule adherence as well as work-life balance insights all from the same place. 

Managers can have one place to look to see where employees are spending their time, freeing them up for more important tasks. This also significantly reduces the amount of tasks that need to be entered into Time Doctor.

Time Doctor integrations are also great for employees because they can eliminate the need for multiple progress report updates and stop manually updating multiple spreadsheets of what they’ve worked on because their managers can instantly see their activity in real-time.

workforce analytics webinar

Benefit #2: Enhancing your other systems

We know that every company has their favorite applications and tools that work the best for their teams and processes. Time Doctor doesn’t want to replace these, we want to boost them with more data.

As we mentioned earlier, the Chrome extension adds the start and stop timer buttons to the non payroll  integrations that Time Doctor offers, bringing more analytics to what was worked on in those tools.

Time Doctor integrations add workday analytics on:

  • Time spent per project and task
  • Time spent in each app
  • Time spent on websites
  • Activity levels
  • Data specific to teams and job roles for accurate comparisons and benchmarking.

Benefit #3: More powerful data and insights

By enhancing your current systems, Time Doctor integrations combine powerful data with more powerful data so that you can get better and deeper insights into how your teams spend their time and where changes need to be made to improve performance. See the list below of some of these insights and how you can use them to increase your team’s performance:

  • Get more accurate timelines for projects by seeing how many hours have already been worked and compare these against the project forecast. This lets you make adjustments quickly to keep the project on task or extend the deadline if needed. Learn how Time Doctor enhances project management in Asana here
  • Impact profitability by accurately measuring the time spent on projects and tasks to make sure you are charging enough for the services you provide. Click here to see how Time Doctor helped this agency uncover issues in their pricing and made changes to increase their profitability by 2.5x.
  • Increase billing accuracy by ensuring that you are charging clients for all time worked plus, provide proof that they aren’t being charged for times of inactivity. See how Time Doctor impacted this BPO’s profitability and also increased their client retention, here.
  • Use the time spent in applications to help identify potential training opportunities. For example, if the team averages about 20 hours per week total in a certain app but one person spent 15+ hours in that app, this could be a sign that they need more help and support. Learn what else Time Doctor’s Web & App Report can show you here
  • Similar to above, use the time spent on specific tasks to help identify where process improvements are needed. If it normally takes 5 hours to complete a report but an employee gets it done in 2, look deeper and see what tools they used and what steps were taken to complete this task and replicate it across teams. Click here to see how easy it is to track time spent on projects and tasks in Jira here.
  • By tracking the time spent on email communications or the time spent in meetings, you can gain insights into how your internal teams collaborate and where company wide improvements can be made to create more focus time for everyone.

These are just a few of the many benefits and insights that integrating Time Doctor with other business systems can provide to your teams. We’d love to show you more.

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