How to cancel ActivTrak (steps & best alternative)

by Time Doctor
How to cancel Activtrak

ActivTrak is a cloud-based employee tracking and productivity monitoring software that oversees employees’ activities during work hours.

Your company’s needs may outgrow ActivTrak’s capabilities, and you may want a guide on how to cancel ActivTrak.

Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll explain how to cancel your ActivTrak account. We’ll also look at the best alternative tool on the market.

How to cancel ActivTrak (step-by-step instructions)

Founded by Birch Grove Software, ActivTrak features assist in employee monitoring, website content filtering, and workforce analytics

However, removing an unwanted program is a delicate process – and ActivTrak is no different.

You may need to take several steps to uninstall the ActivTrak agent from your employees’ computers and cancel your subscription.

Here’s how to go about it: 

Step 1: Export data

You may have valuable employee information stored in the ActivTrak software that you want access to in the future. That’s why it’s crucial to export your company data before deleting your account.

There are two possible ways to export data from the ActivTrak app. These methods depend on how your company uses its ActivTrak activity monitoring data and how often you need to export data.

1. Export live report 

Activtrak Export live report

The live reports feature allows you to analyze the top websites and apps each team member visits over a period of time.

You can export this data from “Live Reports” and access it as a CSV file or Google Sheets. 

Steps to directly export Live Reports data:

  • Click on the left menu on the web app, go to “Live Reports,” and select a report.
  • Select the export option on the top left of your screen.
  • Choose a suitable format (CSV file, Google Sheets, or PDF.)

2. Export insights dashboards

Activtrak Export insights dashboards

Insights reports provide employers with in-depth insight into employee work habits to help improve the workplace experience.

Like live reports, you can export insights reports data as a CSV or PDF file.

Steps to directly export insights reports data:

  • Click on the left menu on the app, go to “Insights,” and select “Insights dashboard.” 
  • Click on the menu in the top right corner and select “download.”
  • Choose a suitable format (CSV file, Google Sheets, or PDF.)

After securing your data, you’ll need to uninstall the ActivTrak agent from the employees’ computer to cancel your subscription successfully.

Step 2: Uninstall the ActivTrak agent

There are two methods to uninstall the ActivTrak agent:

1.  Download the installer from your dashboard

Activtrak Download the installer from dashboard

By downloading the installer, you can preserve an employee’s historical data in the account if you haven’t exported it. The installer will not delete any ActivTrak-related information.

Steps to remove the agent through the installer:

  • Download the installer file from and run it on your computer.
  • Select the “remove or uninstall” option.

2. Use the remote uninstaller

This method will delete all historical data associated with the computers you select.

Steps to remove the agent through the remote installer:

  • Go to settings and select “users and groups” and then “computer agent.”
  • Click on the three dots on the right column of your screen.
  • Click on the “uninstall ActivTrak agent” option.

Step 3: Cancel your subscription

To cancel your subscription and delete your ActivTrak account, you’ll need to submit a cancellation request 30 days before your renewal date.  

To submit your cancellation request, you’ll need to fill out a form that solidifies your intent to cancel your account. You can find the form on the ActivTrak website.

As you cancel ActivTrak and look for a better monitoring tool, here’s a formidable alternative that can fit your company’s objectives.

Time Doctor: The best alternative for employee monitoring

time doctor - better for the organization

Time Doctor is one of the leading time tracking software used by small enterprises like Thrive Market and large entities like Ericsson to improve employee productivity.

With Time Doctor, you can: 

  • Track time spent on tasks and monitor employee productivity in real time.
  • Schedule comprehensive work schedules.
  • Contact customer service at any hour of the day.

Time Doctor offers a mobile app that runs on Android devices. It can also function on operating systems such as Mac OS, Microsoft Windows/Windows XP, and Linux. 

Let’s check out the notable features of Time Doctor.

A. Manual and automatic time tracking

Time Doctor offers a manual time tracking feature that lets employees track time according to their workload.

Here’s how it works:

  • Employees can enter a task name or choose a pre-set task.
  • Select “start” when they begin work and “stop” when they’re done (or taking a break). 
time doctor track time

Time Doctor also offers automatic time tracking. The software tracks employee time as soon as they switch on their computers. 

The app doesn’t interfere with the productivity of any team member, as it tracks time silently in the background.

B. Idle time tracking

Time Doctor offers idle time tracking, which tracks employees’ unproductive hours during a work hour. 

Additionally, when the tool detects no mouse and keyboard movement for a set amount of time, it sends a pop-up alert to the employee to refocus them.

idle time popup alert

Note: Time Doctor doesn’t include keystroke logging. It only checks when an employee has clicked on a keyboard or mouse without recording activity details.

C. Screencasts

Time Doctor has an optional screenshot feature that assists productivity management.

The employee monitoring software offers the following screencast settings:

  • Off: No video or screenshot. 
  • Video: Continuous full video that can be separated into three-minute clips.
  • Screenshot: Select a particular time interval to take screenshots at random. 
Time Doctor-screencasts

Note: To protect employee privacy, managers can delete or blur screenshots if they contain confidential employee information.

D. Productivity ratings

The productivity ratings functionality tracks how an in-office or remote team spends its time online during working hours. The activity monitoring feature gives you a detailed breakdown and flags any unproductive sites.

You can categorize a website into four categories:

  • Unrated.
  • Unproductive.
  • Neutral.
  • Productive.

You can customize these ratings for individual teams or for the company as a whole. For example, you can rate Twitter as productive for the social media marketing team but unproductive for the rest of the company. 

Time Doctor productivity ratings

E. Projects and tasks

Time Doctor allows you to create a primary project and separate it into simple tasks. The employee monitoring software enables you to assign these tasks to your team.

This way, the software lets you track how long each employee spends on a task during work time. It also gives you a critical understanding of group productivity levels.

In turn, you can track the progress of individual tasks more efficiently while improving the overall workflow of your team.

Time Doctor project and tasks

F. Work schedules and attendance tracking

Time Doctor’s work schedule feature helps you organize employee work shifts with ease. 

With this feature, managers can: 

  • Set minimum hours required for shifts.
  • Keep track of scheduled time off.
  • Configure the work schedule to match each employee’s availability.
work schedules

Time Doctor also has an attendance reporting feature that helps you generate reports that give insights into an employee’s attendance patterns.

The feature gives insight into:

  • Which in-office or remote employees are present, absent, partially absent, or late.
  • Actual total hours worked.
work schedule absent present

G. Productivity reports

Time Doctor creates detailed reports that help you identify individual employees’ weak points and help them optimize their productivity.

With this tool, you can obtain the following reports: 

  • Timeline report: Check when your in-office or remote employees start and end their given tasks. 
  • Attendance report: Discover whether an employee is absent, partially absent, late, or present for a particular shift.
  • Projects and tasks report: Find out how employees spend their time across different projects and tasks. 
  • Web and app usage report: Check employee work-hour activity on different apps and websites to gauge productivity. 
  • Project estimation report: Set a timeline and budget using insights from past project reports.
  • Activity summary report: View user activity during working hours.
Time Doctor activity summary

H. Integrations 

Time Doctor also allows over 60+ software integrations. Moreover, you can use the Google Chrome extension to track time on third-party apps.

These integrations include: 


Time Doctor offers a 14-day trial, with no credit card information required. The employee productivity monitoring software has paid plans starting from $7/user per month.

Wrapping up

To cancel ActivTrak, you’ll need to export your valuable data, uninstall the ActivTrak agent and cancel your subscription. And if you’re thinking of another option, look no further. 

Time Doctor is the ideal alternative tool that can suit your company’s ambitions.

Time Doctor’s time tracking capabilities, productivity monitoring, and attendance reporting features can give you better insights into employee behaviour.

So why not sign up for Time Doctor’s 14-day free trial to improve your company’s productivity and streamline your workflows effortlessly?

Time Doctor - start a free trial

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