10 best overtime tracking software & tools of 2024

by Andy Nguyen
Overtime tracking

When you’re working on a major project or toward a critical deadline, overtime hours are often inevitable. So how can you keep projects on budget?

If you’ve tried tracking overtime with manual time sheets, you’ve probably found this process isn’t as reliable or inexpensive as you’d thought. For accurate overtime tracking, dedicated software is essential.

In this guide, we rounded up the top overtime tracking tools so you can manage remote teams, plan projects, and allocate resources successfully—while keeping labor costs in check.

1. Time Doctor: best overall overtime tracking software

Time Doctor Homepage

Time Doctor is a time tracking software platform that manages employee schedules and monitors productivity and attendance, including overtime. The platform has a browser extension, desktop apps (Windows and Mac), and mobile apps.


  • Tracks employee work hours online or offline with both manual and automatic time tracking options
  • Monitors employee activity on websites and in apps, providing idle time alerts to improve productivity
  • Integrates with 60+ apps for easier task and project management
  • Provides proof of work in the form of screenshots and screen recordings
  • Supports work schedules and attendance reports for better workforce planning
  • Calculates hours worked daily or weekly to help employers avoid overtime thresholds
  • Generates reports for employee attendance, productivity, tasks, and hours tracked


Time Doctor starts at $7/user per month. With a free trial, you can test the platform for 14 days.

2. Harvest: best lightweight time tracking app

Harvest homepage

Harvest is a simple time tracking app that monitors tasks and projects and streamlines client invoicing and payments.


  • Tracks work hours and projects via browser, desktop, or mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Allows staff to track overtime by creating a separate task with higher wages
  • Generates reports with insights on project costs, capacity, and productivity


Harvest has a free forever plan that supports solo users. Paid plans start at $12/user per month.

3. Clockify: best free time tracking tool


Clockify is a free app that offers both manual and real-time tracking via a browser, a desktop app, a mobile device, and a kiosk.


  • Allows employees to punch in from shared devices or sign in with PIN codes
  • Has Pomodoro timers and idle detection to keep employees on track
  • Creates PDF and CSV reports with overtime numbers and payroll data


Clockify has a free plan with basic features like time sheets. Paid plans start at $4.99/user per month.

4. My Hours: best for time sheet management

My Hours

My Hours is a time sheet app that logs work hours, maintains project budget records, and simplifies client billing.


  • Has a stopwatch to help employees complete time sheets in real time
  • Offers overtime settings for compliance with labor laws
  • Estimates and monitors project budgets and creates reports for payroll


My Hours has a free plan with basic employee time tracking tools. Paid plans start at $9/user per month.

5. JourOff: best for automated overtime calculations

Jouroff homepage

JourOff is a time management platform that monitors employee activity and uses your overtime rules for automatic calculations.


  • Offers an overtime tracking app that lets you set weekly overtime rules with pay increases
  • Includes calculators that automatically add up paid time off to avoid discrepancies
  • Helps allocate resources with project management and expense tracking tools


JourOff has a free forever plan for teams with less than 10 employees. Paid subscriptions start at €2.20/user per month.

6. TimeCamp: best for project budgeting


TimeCamp is a platform for tracking attendance, monitoring productivity, and streamlining client billing and invoicing.


  • Has time clock kiosks and time sheets for time tracking as well as attendance monitoring for employees
  • Monitors idle time and website and app activity to improve productivity
  • Offers integrations with TimeCamp Planner for seamless project management


TimeCamp has a free forever plan with basic features. Paid plans start at $7.99/user per month.

7. Timely: best AI-powered time tracker

Timely homepage

Timely is an AI-powered app that automatically tracks time, projects, and teams for easier billing and more productive work hours.


  • Records employee time automatically for the entire team and generates time sheets
  • Maps time entries to projects so managers can plan workloads and forecast projects
  • Eliminates alerts and disruptions so employees can work more efficiently


Timely subscriptions start at $11/user per month.

8. Justworks Hours: best for seamless payroll

Justworks Hours homepage

Justworks Hours is a time tracking platform with customizable clock-in methods for freelancers and employees.


  • Uses GPS tracking to verify clock-ins and monitors time off, absences, and shifts
  • Offers an overtime tracker app that supports rules for various locations
  • Integrates with Justworks payroll systems so you can export and process accurate time sheets in minutes


Justworks Hours costs $8/user per month. However, it’s only available as an add-on for the Justworks PEO platform, which starts at $59/employee per month.

9. ClickTime: best for advanced insights

ClickTime homepage

ClickTime is a project and time management platform designed to improve cost, performance, and workplace planning.


  • Tracks work schedules, generating time sheets with automatic reminders and approvals
  • Monitors overtime past the 40-hour weekly threshold to assist with compliance
  • Provides business intelligence with customizable scheduled reports
  • Manages time off, including PTO accrual, absences, and vacation requests


ClickTime plans start at $10/user per month. The app offers a 14-day free trial.

10. Buddy Punch: best for tracking field teams

buddypunch homepage

Buddy Punch is a time clock app that offers scheduling, attendance, overtime, and payroll tracking for field teams and small businesses.


  • Uses GPS and webcams to verify employee locations and provide extra accountability
  • Sends alerts when employees exceed assigned hours for the day or week based on custom overtime policies
  • Processes paid and unpaid time off requests
  • Exports reports to Excel spreadsheets


Buddy Punch has a base fee of $19/month and a monthly subscription fee starting at $3.49/user per month.

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