5 time tracking integrations to automate your workflow (JIRA, Asana, Salesforce and more)

by Rajat H
time tracking integrations

Today, Time Doctor is a go-to application for time tracking for over 10,000 customers worldwide. Using Time Doctor in conjunction with all of the technology stack, saves time, improves productivity, and reduces the need to juggle between multiple applications.

Time Doctor is regularly adding new integrations and today integrates with more than 60 third-party apps including the top CRM, Helpdesk, Project Management and Payroll tools. This gives its customers loads of flexibility when time tracking and workday insights at their organizations.

Below are five examples of powerful new app integrations that can quickly and easily automate time tracking and expand the impact of your Time Doctor implementation.

The Time Doctor – Jira integration

Time Doctor has a Chrome extension for Jira time tracking.

With the Time Doctor Chrome extension, you’ll be able to track how much time your teams take to work on all Jira issues and projects, in real-time. You’ll also get visibility into how they tackle these issues, helping you identify any productivity issues or areas of improvement for each team member.

time doctor jira integration

Here’s how the Time Doctor-Jira integration helps you:

  • Have a start and stop timer directly associated with Jira issues — you don’t have to use another app interface to sync tasks/start tracking time in Jira.
  • Identify the time taken by each team member to complete a Jira issue/task.
  • Know what each team member is working on in real-time.
  • Evaluate your team’s performance through detailed time log and productivity reports.
  • Use optional screenshots and web & app usage reports to analyze how someone works on a specific Jira issue.
  • Monitor keyboard and mouse activity to determine the activity level of your employees alongside Jira time tracking.

While the Time Doctor Chrome extension syncs data with the Time Doctor desktop app in real-time, it also sends the tracked time back to Jira. This ensures that Jira’s worklogs match Time Doctor’s worklogs for the user.

The Time Doctor – Asana integration

Time Doctor offers a feature-packed Chrome extension that makes for easy Asana time tracking. Once a user has the Chrome extension installed, it will add a start/stop button into Asana. 

Just navigate to any task in your Asana account and you’ll see the Start Timer button. Now all you have to do is click on this timer button to start or stop time tracking. Simple, right?

You’ll notice that the Asana task and project will be automatically added to the list in your Time Doctor desktop app. And when you’re done with the task, simply hit the Stop Timer button to stop tracking time. 

Any tasks and time tracked using the Chrome extension will sync with the desktop app (with reports) in real-time.

With the integration, you can:

  • View the Asana tasks your team is working on.
  • Know how productive your teams are via a “Productivity report” as well as other reports like timesheets.
  • Determine each team member’s activity level alongside Asana time tracking, by using keyboard and mouse activity as reference (Time Doctor cannot track what keys you press – it only determines if any keys were pressed to determine activity)
  • Use optional screenshots or record videos of team members’ screens so you’ll have an idea of what they’re working on. 
  • Accurately pay employee salaries and bill clients based on the hours worked.
  • See which websites and apps your team accesses during work hours. Time Doctor can track individual pages visited within each website, not just root domains.
  • Maintain transparency with clients by using the client login portal.

The Time Doctor – Trello integration

Once Time Doctor is installed, the Time Doctor 2 Chrome extension adds a start/stop button for Trello time tracking

When you open a board or card, you’ll see a Start Timer button on the page. You can click on that button to start tracking time, and once you’re done, you can click on Stop Timer to stop tracking time in Trello.

time doctor - trello integration

Once you set up the Chrome extension, your team will see a notification on their Time Doctor desktop app asking them to install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web App store. 

That’s all you need to do to set up time tracking in Trello with Time Doctor!

Besides tracking time in Trello, you can also use this time tracking software to monitor which apps and websites your employees access during work hours. You can also analyze your Trello team’s performance using in-depth productivity reports and by setting productivity ratings for various websites and apps.

Time Doctor also has an optional feature that allows you to take screenshots of your employees screens when they’re working. This is quite useful when your team is working remotely, and you can’t directly supervise them. 

The Time Doctor – Monday.com integration

By connecting your existing monday.com account with the Time Doctor app, you can easily manage Monday.com time tracking and enhance time management and analytics capabilities of your monday.com account. 

The Time Doctor-Monday.com integration helps you manage everything from a single interface. You won’t have to continuously switch back and forth between multiple tools or tabs. The Chrome extension places a time tracking button right within Monday.com.

With our new Custom Mapping feature the monday.com integration got even better. Now you can customize behaviors to fit your team’s specific needs by pulling the group, board, project or task names straight from the app to make Time Doctor’s Projects & Task report more accurate and flexible to track time the way you need it.

The integration allows you to include both monday.com‘s group and task names into the Time Doctor’s task name (instead of just the task name which is the default setting).

time doctor mondaycom integration

The selected configuration will apply to all company users who have access to use Chrome Extension integration for Monday.com.

monday.com integration - time doctor

Time Doctor’s chrome extension enables you to achieve the following with your Monday.com account:

  • Managers will be able to see data about individual employees and where they spend their time. This data can be useful when it comes to making your estimates more accurate.
  • Time Doctor Timesheets make it possible to detect if your team’s been working too slowly. If you identify time drains, you can remove them so that the work is completed more quickly. This will help you consistently meet your goals without letting your clients down.
  • With Time Doctor, you’ll have access to extensive records of past work on monday.com. This will allow you to see how long it took to complete similar projects in the past and charge your new clients accordingly.
  • Time Doctor reports give project managers records to use as a reference point. These can help guarantee that a task doesn’t take more time than allocated and prioritize certain activities.
  • If you charge your clients on an hourly basis, tracking your time using Time Doctor is a great idea. You can seamlessly generate invoices based on your timesheets and get paid. Time-tracking tools take the guesswork out and allow you to work with real-time data.

The Time Doctor-monday.com integration offers great advantages to both managers and employees. It’s the best way to add time management functionality to monday.com without changing your workflow.

The Time Doctor – Salesforce integration

After you install the Time Doctor chrome extension, you can easily manage Salesforce time tracking directly from the Salesforce.com interface to see how your sales team is spending their time!

Now, the Time Doctor Start / Stop Timer button will automatically appear on any Salesforce Task, Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity or Case. You can start or stop the timer anytime you want. 

Here’s what you can do with Time Doctor’s Salesforce Integration:

  • Review the tasks your team is working on.
  • Use real-time tracking information to manage your employees’ time.
  • Store all your time entry data in the cloud to prevent data loss.
  • View timesheets and other time reports that show you how productive your employees are on an individual and team basis.
  • Check levels of keyboard and mouse activity if needed to determine how active employees are, within a specific time frame.
  • Use Web & App usage reports and optional screenshots to see which sites and apps your employees accessed during work hours.

More integrations 

In addition to generating reports for time and attendance, Time Doctor can also show you which sites and apps employees accessed during their work hours. You’ll even know how much time your employees spend on productive and non-productive sites.

But that’s not all!

For added flexibility, you can use Time Doctor’s other features like:

  • Client login to check progress and maintain transparency.
  • Pay employees based on hours worked or fixed salaries.

With Time Doctor, you’ll be able to easily manage your employees’ productivity and payroll, as well as bill your clients accurately for any project.

Time Doctor integrations allow for flexibility and customization to make Time Doctor work best for your organization. It helps to streamline operations to a single platform, making tasks easier to manage.

In addition to the five examples above, there are more than 60 others available, and we are regularly adding more. Keep up to date on new integrations on the Time Doctor website or let us know if you have other integrations you would like to see.

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