20+ productivity articles to hit the ground running this year

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Every business wants to have productive employees, and for a good reason. 

When you have productive employees, it translates into better work efficiency, improved profits, and more. 

If you’re aiming to address the productivity levels at your organization, we have the right collection of resources for you.

Here, you’ll find productivity articles that cover everything — from understanding and measuring productivity to the best tools and tips on how you can increase productivity at your organization.

This article includes: 

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Let’s get started.

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17 important productivity articles 

1. Understanding and measuring productivity

Here’s a selection of the best articles that can help you to better understand and improve employee productivity: 

measuring empployee productivity

A) How to measure & improve employee productivity in the new year

Learn what employee productivity is and the best way to measure it. Also, see how factors such as work environment, employee wellbeing, and company culture affect productivity. 

Finally, explore 13 measures to combat low productivity at your workplace and ensure all your employees work as efficiently as possible. 

B) The proven guide to productivity measuring (benefits, strategies, tools)

Looking to set up a way to measure productivity at your organization? 

With this helpful guide, get a good look at how it all works and a few popular types of productivity measuring, such as multifactor productivity and total factor productivity. 

Then, learn six simple strategies you can implement to measure productivity effectively. Finally, delve into how exactly your company stands to benefit from measuring employee productivity. 

C) Employee productivity tracking guide (tips + tools) 

Not convinced about tracking employee productivity?
This guide lays out three major reasons why you should. 

It also shares five helpful tips to ensure you don’t overstep any boundaries and lose the trust of your employees when you begin tracking productivity. 

Finally, gain a better understanding of the types of tools you can use for productivity tracking. 

D) How to track team productivity and improve performance

Learn everything you need to know about tracking team productivity, including what it is, how you can track it, and why it’s worth doing. 

Additionally, learn how factors like setting clear goals, a feedback culture, and healthy competition can contribute to your team’s growth and boost overall productivity at your organization. 

E) How to measure performance with productivity reports

Explore how you can use productivity reports to accurately measure employee performance and learn about some of the most commonly used productivity metrics. 

See how activity summary reports can compare employee performance on similar tasks. The web and app usage reports can show what employees frequently use during work hours. 

Also, understand why using software-based productivity reports is essential to ensure that your team is getting things done in the most efficient way. 

F) How to measure employee productivity in a call center 

Wondering how you can measure productivity in a specific setting like a call center? 

This article explains what call center productivity is and the 10 best metrics you should track to measure it effectively.

If you’re concerned about employee performance at your call center, the article highlights five valuable tips to boost productivity. 

2. The best productivity tools and software

These articles identify the best productivity tools and software that you can use in your organization:

employee productivity tracking

A) Top 7 employee productivity tracking software

Examine seven of the best productivity software to track and assess employee performance. For each software, get a thorough rundown of its key distinguishing features, pricing, and customer ratings. 

Finally, learn how using a productivity app can improve productivity, employee engagement, and ensure a healthy work-life balance. 

B) The ultimate guide to productivity reporting (techniques, tools)

This thorough guide identifies and explains five commonly used productivity reporting methods: tracking by output, completed tasks, profits, and productivity software. 

The best way to ensure productivity growth is by using software due to its efficiency and multitasking capabilities. 

Check out five excellent software with the best productivity reporting functionality along with their key features, pricing, and customer ratings.

C) Top 10 team productivity tools (features, pricing)

Learn about the productivity tools that are the best for managing and enhancing team productivity. See what function these collaboration tools are primarily designed for before getting an overview of its key features, pricing, and customer ratings. 

You’re sure to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of how these team productivity tools can streamline your workflow and result in valuable productivity gains. 

D) 51 best virtual assistant software tools to optimize productivity

This comprehensive list compiles 51 software tools for virtual assistants. 

The tools are grouped into categories such as time tracking, administrative tasks, social media, important task management, accounting, and scheduling to name a few. 

Gain a better understanding of how you can streamline work processes to increase productivity and pick the most appropriate tools for your organization. 

3. Useful tips and strategies to improve productivity

The following articles share essential tips and strategies to improve the productivity level at your company. 

productivity tips

A) 14 simple productivity tips to help you stay focused

Many employees feel like a significant chunk of their work hours is lost due to a lack of focus. Given the information overload in our times, it’s no surprise that employees are actually productive for fewer hours.

This article shares 14 simple tips to sharpen your personal productivity skill. Also, identify the simplest yet most crucial productivity tip to stay on top of your work at all times. 

B) 10 rock-solid time management strategies to boost your productivity

This informative article presents a convincing case for how important time management skills are. Learn what time management is before delving into 10 practical time management strategies.

These are sure to help you stop procrastinating and boost personal productivity levels, all while avoiding burnout. Finally, develop a better understanding of how strong time management skills can improve your life and make you a more productive person overall. 

C) The 3 most important factors of productivity (and how to improve them)

Learn about the three most significant factors that influence productivity in the workplace. This includes human capital, work environment, and technology. 

Develop a better understanding of the elements that significantly influence each of these three factors and what you can do to combat low productivity. 

D) Time management for work: 10 quick tips to boost productivity

This article covers all the essentials of effective time management. 

Examine 10 productivity hacks that are sure to sharpen your time management skills and increase productivity levels when dealing with multiple tasks. Also, discover some key benefits of having excellent time management skills. 

E) 10 smart tips for successful remote employee productivity management

Ever since the COVID pandemic, many employees have preferred having the option to work remotely. It’s important that companies adapt their workflow to be just as productive with a remote work environment. 

This article presents 10 great tips to ensure that your remote workforce performs at its best. Also, gain a complete understanding of remote work and its advantages and disadvantages. 

F) 18 ways to improve your work environment and optimize productivity

This article features fascinating studies and intriguing explanations for how a few small changes to your workspace can result in higher productivity levels. 

Develop an expanded perspective of how productivity can be affected by such a wide range of factors. 

G) How to create meaningful productivity KPIs (plus free template)

This article provides a comprehensive view of key performance indicators for tracking productivity. 

Learn what productivity KPIs are, why they are important, and five easy steps to create effective productivity KPIs at your organization. Also included is a free KPI template to help you develop new KPIs or improve your existing ones. 

Other helpful articles on productivity

Here are some more remarkable articles on productivity that we’ve curated from reputed sources on the internet. 

These contain new research on how you can effectively improve productivity at work. 

A) 15 employee productivity statistics you want to know 

This article compiles some stunning statistics on employee productivity patterns at work and when they work from home. 

Discover more about the impact of interruptions at work, traditional office worker productivity, remote worker productivity, and more. 

B) This science-backed powerful productivity tool is within every leader’s reach

During the coronavirus pandemic, companies expected their productivity levels to go down with the remote work style. 

However, many companies reported increased productivity. 

Research shows that this productivity boost can be attributed to the higher autonomy of employees who are telecommuting. This article recognizes autonomy as an incredible productivity tool and backs it up with some convincing scientific studies. 

C) 4 scientifically proven methods to increase your productivity

This article takes a deep dive into intensive scientific studies on how you can increase productivity at work. It delves into concepts like neuroplasticity, stress hormones, circadian rhythms, and flow states.

Learn how you can maintain high motivation, keep stress levels low, and take full advantage of your cognitive ability.

Wrapping up

There’s a lot that goes into increasing productivity at the workplace. 

Gaining a thorough understanding of it all can really help you make the right decisions when you implement strategies and tools to improve employee productivity. 

All the articles mentioned above can help you do just that. Comb through the list and ensure that you’re adopting the right approach for your organization. 

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