How to increase client retention with innovation

by Carlo Borja
increase client retention

Maintaining client relationships and preventing churn is a never-ending battle for most companies, B2B and B2C alike. Based on our users’ experience, we’ve identified that client churn is most commonly linked to low work output, lack of innovation, and employee engagement.

Preventing client churn is not only a key profitability driver, but it can also contribute to expansion and acquisition through referrals and relevant case studies.


Here are ways you can use productivity and workday analytics to increase client retention.

Improve customer service

Happy clients are the bedrock of a growing business. Engaged employees are the difference between happy and unhappy clients. 

Productivity analytics software can track customer interactions to identify areas where customer satisfaction is lacking and work on strategies to improve. It can also provide insight into employee wellbeing and productivity, helping managers guide their team by learning from high-performers and spotting employees needing support. 

Prove productivity claims

Faced with increased client scrutiny, proof of productivity is an invaluable tool. By tracking metrics like task completion, productive time, billable vs. non-billable hours and overtime, you can give clients a long list of reasons to trust your work. Time Doctor even supports screenshots and recordings (anonymized for the client) to give everyone peace of mind when the invoice arrives. 

Of course, going the extra mile for valued clients is part of doing business. But generosity can be costly. Workday data software gives you real-time data to monitor overtime hours and keep costs under control, so you can demonstrate your commitment to client success without eroding your own financial foundation.


Use predictive analytics to proactively address problems

Time Doctor can also reveal data trends that allow managers to predict certain employee behaviors and avoid potential issues. 

For example, analyzing keyboard and mouse activity allows managers to look for abnormal patterns that might indicate remote employees ‘cheating the system’. We also use a proprietary algorithm to analyze activity and job performance data to predict if employee satisfaction is slipping into ‘quiet quitting’ territory. 

Stay one step ahead with Time Doctor’s Client Login Feature

Give your clients white-label access to Time Doctor under your own brand and domain. Build client trust by showing progress on their projects, backed by screenshots and reports about the tasks that are being worked on, all in real-time and for no extra cost.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, the differentiation between companies often boils down to the quality of their client relationships and the trust they foster. It’s evident that innovation in productivity and workday analytics, like the offerings from Time Doctor, can serve as game-changers in this realm. 

By embracing tools that improve customer service, substantiate productivity claims, allow proactive problem-solving through predictive analytics, and enhance transparency through client-accessible portals, businesses can solidify their relationships and drastically reduce client churn. 

As we navigate an era where data is king and actionable insights reign supreme, investing in these tools isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for those wanting to consistently exceed client expectations and foster long-lasting partnerships. Remember, client retention isn’t just about preserving existing business; it’s about laying the foundation for future growth through referrals, case studies, and a reputation for excellence.

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