CEOs explore employee rewards to boost office attendance

by Time Doctor
employee rewards boost office attendance

As businesses across the globe evaluate post-pandemic work models, many CEOs are considering novel strategies to motivate employees to return to the office. One notable approach that is gaining traction involves offering tangible rewards for consistent office attendance.

A shift towards incentivizing office work

According to a recent survey conducted by KPMG, a significant portion of CEOs are weighing the option of providing promotions or financial incentives to those employees who opt to work from the office. The survey found that 34% of CEOs are open to such initiatives, indicating a significant shift in perspective from merely accommodating remote work to actively incentivizing in-office attendance.

Balancing pre-pandemic norms and current realities

However, the path forward isn’t entirely clear-cut. While a considerable number of CEOs are exploring incentives, KPMG’s report highlights that 64% of global CEOs still endorse pre-pandemic working modalities. These figures suggest a nuanced balancing act between embracing the newfound flexibility and reverting to traditional office-based structures.

Prioritizing upskilling over tech investments

Another pivotal finding from the KPMG survey is the evolving focus of CEOs towards upskilling their workforce. Approximately 52% of CEOs are currently emphasizing capital investments in upskilling, a noteworthy departure from the previous year when 56% were more invested in technological advancements.

This transition underscores the importance of a skilled and adaptable workforce in a post-pandemic business landscape. The emphasis on upskilling also hints at a broader trend: the future of work will be determined not just by where employees work, but by how effectively they can adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

The bigger picture

The exploration of employee rewards by CEOs underscores a broader theme. As the world steadily recovers from the pandemic, businesses are not merely aiming for continuity. Instead, they’re proactively reimagining work models, investing in their workforce, and seeking to strike the right balance between flexibility and efficiency.

While the future remains uncertain, one thing is clear: business leaders are more willing than ever to innovate and adapt, ensuring their organizations remain resilient, agile, and competitive in the years to come.

Keeping it real

We know that hybrid and remote work can be challenging at times. There are distractions, there are blurred lines between work and home life, and it can be difficult to stay motivated.

We’re firmly in the camp that believes in the power of hybrid and remote work. It’s not just a trend for us; it’s a reflection of understanding today’s dynamic work environment.

By embracing these flexible models, we feel that we’re supporting a future where everyone can find the work setup that’s just right for them. After all, it’s all about striking the right balance and ensuring productivity, no matter where you’re logging in from.

If you’re looking for a time tracking and productivity software that can help you succeed in a hybrid or remote work environment, Time Doctor is the perfect solution for you. We’re here to help you make the most of your time, so you can achieve your goals and live your best life.

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