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9 Tools Shaping Up Automation for Remote Teams

“The next big thing most likely to kill 10 million people will not be a war but a virus.” — Bill Gates, Ted Talk 2015 (

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Meetings! The chances are that on any given day, your schedule is chock-full of them. Just to name a few... (more&helli

Running Remote One-on-One Meetings: 7 Tips + Free Template

Remote one-on-one meetings: Are they different from regular one-on-ones? The truth is that they are. (more…)

Understanding the Time Doctor and Integration

Did you know that as many as 77% of high-performing projects use project management software? Both startups and Fortune 500 c

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Collaboration skills are essential for any team and an individual's success. It seems like a simple thing to be able to opera

Why Startups Should Outsource App Development

From Shanghai and Beijing to Mumbai and Bangalore to London, Stockholm and Toronto, the startup ecosystem has seen dramatic g

How to Use the 1-3-5 Rule to Boost Your Productivity at Work

Meet Alex, a young professional looking to become a web developer. Alex is hard-working and driven, but he has a problem. (mo

Remote Work Salary – An In-House and Remote Work Comparison

Recently, working remotely has grown dramatically in popularity primarily because it gives workers a lot more freedom and sav