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by Amy Owens
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If you manage a team, whether that team is in-office, hybrid, or remote, then you know how hard it can be to keep up with employee attendance and schedule adherence.

Some managers spend multiple hours a week manually creating and updating spreadsheets, taking valuable time away from focusing on the strategic aspects of the business.

On top of this, add the fact that you need to check for any inaccuracies for payroll purposes and you still have to analyze the time to make sure employees are being the most productive.

This can become quite overwhelming and exhausting.

To help solve these challenges, Time Doctor is very excited to announce the release of our new Work Schedules and Attendance Report features.

Work schedules from Time Doctor 

Time Doctor Work Schedules

Now managers and leaders can get even deeper insights and into what teams work on and a better understanding into when employees are working. Providing accurate time tables for every employee gives leaders more time to focus on the more important aspects of their jobs, like meeting targets and KPIs. Plus, these new features make it even easier to assess overall performance and time management skills.

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Our new Work Schedule feature enables admins and managers to create and edit work schedules within the Time Doctor application. Easily export and import CSV files to load shifts into the program, making timesheets more accurate and efficient for larger teams. Add minimum hours per shift and customize schedules to each employee giving more visibility into work schedules and attendance adherence.

The new Attendance report will show employees as present, absent, partially absent, or late. Giving managers the ability to quickly adjust schedules to maintain employee coverage and also provide managers with a new way to assess reliability and accountability. 

Benefits of the new Work Schedules feature:

  • Save time manually spent creating and updating schedules with automation
  • Avoid payroll mistakes by eliminating manual time tracking
  • Monitor and manage workloads to avoid employee burnout
  • Easily adjust schedules to maintain coverage at all times
  • Improve capacity management with increased visibility
  • Customizable options to set different schedules for each employee

Attendance reporting from Time Doctor 

Time Doctor Attendance Reports

Benefits of the new Attendance Report:

  • Gain instant, real time data into who is working and who is absent
  • Save time by accessing attendance records and workday activity in the same place
  • Create a more trusting environment by providing visibility and transparency 
  • Improve budget accuracy by seeing how much coverage is needed to operate
  • Easily assess performance with deeper insights than ever before

Click the links for instructions on how to set up our new Work Schedules feature and read more information on the Attendance Report.

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