Toggl Review: Toggl versus Time Doctor

Toggl Review: Toggl vs Time Doctor

Toggl is billed as a super simple time tracker. But, in this Toggl review let’s see how it compares to our Time Doctor.

Although Toggl and Time Doctor both track time, they are not exactly competitors. Toggl is designed as a simple time tracker for individuals or teams. The way it works is that you enter your activity, select a project and client and then start timing. You can then easily edit the start and end time of any activity and you can use the reports for billing clients.

Time Doctor has a different focus. It’s more orientated to time management and productivity improvement for organizations. Although Time Doctor does have time tracking, it also has a number of other features designed to improve the productivity of an individual or a team.

Proof of time worked and integrity of time tracking data

Time Doctor’s time tracking software is designed to provide very accurate time tracking data. For example, it is not possible to allocate that you are working on two different tasks at the same time. Most time tracking software (including Toggl) will allow the user to say that they were working on “Bookkeeping” from 1 to 2pm, and also a “Sales call” from 1 to 2pm, effectively double booking their time.

Time Doctor eliminates this and is very focused on the accuracy of time tracking data. There are also features to provide proof of time worked. These “proof of time worked” features are not required by all teams, but are a useful adjunct especially for teams that have not met or where individuals are working from home.

Feature comparison between Time Doctor and Toggl

We simplified our Toggl review vs Time Doctor in this comparison table below.

Features Toggl Time Doctor
Real-time tracking of time worked Yes Yes
Project tracking Yes Yes
Integration with Basecamp Yes Yes
Integration with Freshbooks and activeCollab Yes No
Client tracking Yes No
Billing tracking Yes No
Track applications and websites visited Yes Yes
Reminders when visiting potential non-work related sites No Yes
Proof of time worked No Yes
Single daily email of all activities worked by your team No Yes
Team dashboard showing who is online and working now No Yes
Integration with Jira No Yes
Attendance tracking (absent and late status) No Yes

Toggl is a good option for people who need to bill out their time. Time Doctor is more of a fit for organizations that are focused on increasing productivity, or organizations with staff working from home even time tracking for agencies.

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  • Annika

    Hey guys! It's Annika from Toggl. Cool review! Just one note, we also have this feature "Track applications and websites visited". We call it Timeline and it's a fairly new feature. See more about it here - Overall, Toggl is not a software for monitoring, rather than for flexible time tracking and for different purposes. Even with the above mentioned Timeline, it's just for additional information and it's totally private even if you are using Toggl with a Team. So, I agree that these are two different tools with different purposes :)
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