10 best remote workforce management tools & software of 2024

by Time Doctor
Remote Workforce management software

To manage a distributed team, you need solutions for keeping everyone connected, tracking tasks and projects, and monitoring time and schedules to maximize productivity across time zones.

But to choose the right remote workforce management software, you have to consider several factors, including:

  • Does this platform fit into my budget, especially as my team grows?
  • Will this app work with the other software I already use?
  • Can I get my team on board and convince them to use the software?

This article explores the top tools for managing remote employees to help your business operate more efficiently and enable your team to work better from anywhere. We’ll cover everything from key features to pricing so you can make the best software decision for your remote team.

How we came up with this list

To compile this list, we considered both the biggest challenges and the primary goals for team managers juggling remote work policies. To manage remote workers, you need solutions that can help you perform specific functions:

  • Time tracking apps to organize employee schedules and generate timesheets
  • Project management software for planning tasks and forecasting hours
  • Team communication tools to share news and keep everyone in the loop
  • Collaboration platforms where teams can work together in one place

Although no all-in-one app can handle everything a remote or hybrid workforce needs, many task management tools help you work together and save time. That’s why we ultimately zeroed in on solutions with the following:

  • Integrations: Apps that sync with other platforms allow you to share data and work smarter. We looked for remote team management tools that integrate with other apps to create efficient systems.
  • Scalability: Building a tech stack with the right tools can get expensive quickly. We sought software designed to help remote teams work better as they grow—without overcharging for every seat.
  • Employee buy-in: Getting employees to adopt new technology isn’t always easy, especially if they’re overly invasive. We prioritized remote work tools that maintain privacy and give employees options.

The top 10 tools and software to manage a remote team

With these elements in mind, let’s walk through the best tools and apps for distributed teams. We’ll start with our remote work software, Time Doctor.

1. Time Doctor: Best for time tracking

Time Doctor homepage 2023

Time Doctor is a time tracking tool that supports employee scheduling and project management and provides productivity insights designed to help managers and teams do their best work from anywhere.

Key features

Time tracking software

Need to know how many hours your remote employees or contractors put in per day, week, or project? With Time Doctor’s time tracking capabilities, your team can keep records manually or automatically.

Time Doctor time tracking

In manual mode, Time Doctor starts and stops whenever team members enable tracking from a desktop or mobile device. When you automate tracking, Time Doctor switches on and off when team members sign in and out of their work devices.

Team shifts and scheduling

Ensuring coverage during open hours or around the clock can be tricky when you manage a remote team. Time Doctor’s remote team management software includes scheduling options to make this process easier.

Time Doctor work schedule

Time Doctor allows both one-off and recurring shifts. You can upload a spreadsheet-based schedule to add the entire team’s shifts in seconds. You can also create custom shifts one at a time as necessary.

Time Doctor attendance report

The team management software automatically tracks employee status so you can see who’s on time, tardy, or absent. It can also help you spot attendance patterns so you can address issues before they become problems.

Remote worker monitoring

One of the more challenging aspects of remote team management is monitoring employees and confirming your team is working. If you’re not working in a shared office, tracking productivity can be difficult.

Time Doctor-web & app usage

In addition to tracking time and attendance, Time Doctor software lets you monitor the websites and apps each team member uses. You can build custom lists of productive and unproductive apps and sites to see how your team spends the day.

Time Doctor screencast

Time Doctor also has screen capture capabilities. That means you can see a screenshot or a video of any team member’s device at different times throughout the workday.

Project management and budgeting

With Time Doctor’s project overviews and task assignments, you can manage your remote teams more effectively—ensuring everything gets done on time. You can also use the platform’s budgeting tools to improve expense management and keep costs under control.

With this data, you can uncover projects costing the company time and money. Then you can make a plan to phase out clients or projects that don’t benefit your team.

Employee productivity reports

As a remote manager, you need to do more than predict whether your team will perform projects on time and on budget. If any issues arise, you want to know why your team is underperforming.

With Time Doctor’s productivity reports, you can quickly see who’s regularly late to work, who tends to have the most idle time, and who spends the most unproductive time on a typical day.

Time Doctor employee productivity report

You can take action instantly with these insights, creating a better work environment for your team and more value for your business.

Timesheet and payroll automation

Tired of wasting time on manual timesheet creation—or waiting for your remote team to submit their hours each week? Time Doctor can turn tracked time into timesheets automatically to save you the effort.

Time Doctor timesheet

The remote workforce management software can also automate approvals so you can take those recurring tasks off your to-do list. Since Time Doctor integrates with payroll apps, it simplifies payday for your management team.

Time-saving integrations

Time Doctor integrates with many tools your team already uses, so you can complete more tasks and manage time more efficiently from a single dashboard.

Time Doctor integration

In addition to payroll and invoicing apps, Time Doctor works with project management tools like Asana and Trello as well as communication apps like Slack and Zoho.

Time Doctor integration (2)

Time Doctor also integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) tools like HubSpot and Pipedrive, plus help desk dashboards like Intercom and Zendesk.


Time Doctor offers a 14-day free trial to test out the software. Paid plans for this time management tool start at $5.90/user per month (when billed annually).

2. Slack: Best for team communication

Slack homepage

Slack is a messaging app that helps teams discuss projects, organize conversations, manage communications, and meet to collaborate on projects.

Key features

  • Searchable conversation channels for specific topics, projects, or clients
  • Team chat tools and resources that let you build a virtual office
  • Video chats and screen-sharing tools for remote teams to work in sync
  • Collaboration tools to connect with team members in different organizations
  • Integrations with 2,000+ tools for productivity, file sharing, and software developers


Slack has a free version that includes basic features. Paid plans for this team collaboration tool start at $7.25/user per month (when billed annually).

3. Trello: Best for task management

Trello homepage

Trello is a project and task management platform that allows teams to create to-do lists, build workflows, and link files in one place while working remotely.

Key features

  • Dashboard, timeline, and calendar views to visualize team tasks and projects
  • Automation software that helps streamline work and allows custom rules
  • Templates that help you set up projects and assign tasks quickly
  • Actionable insights allow your team to distribute work fairly
  • Power-ups and integrations with popular tools for more efficient workflows 


Trello has a relatively robust free version. This project management tool also has paid plans that start at $5/user per month (when billed annually).

4. Scoro: Best for client management


Scoro is a professional services automation platform that streamlines customer data, handles project management, and forecasts sales.

Key features

  • Project planning and task distribution tools, including Kanban boards
  • Calendar and team views to improve resource allocation and capacity management
  • CRM tools available to manage sales pipelines and track sales goals
  • Quotes and invoices for customers as well as receipts and expense tracking for teams
  • Integrations with 1,000+ software tools to keep your team productive


Scoro subscriptions start at $26/user per month (when billed annually). This remote work software doesn’t have a free version.

5. Miro: Best for creative collaboration

Miro homepage

Miro is a platform that helps distributed teams brainstorm, design concepts, and build roadmaps together across different time zones.

Key features

  • Virtual whiteboards that let everyone on the team share ideas and take notes
  • Visual workspaces that let remote workers brainstorm with sticky notes and emojis
  • Team meeting options like mind maps, live reactions, and anonymous voting 
  • Drawing tools for diagramming and built-in clocks for time tracking
  • Integrations with a long list of the best communication and collaboration apps


Miro has a free forever version that includes three boards. Paid plans start at $8/user per month (when billed annually).

6. Zoho WorkDrive: Best for cloud storage

Zoho docs

Zoho WorkDrive is a cloud-based file management app that supports shared workspaces and team collaboration.

Key features

  • Shared folders that support team document management and real-time editing
  • Access reports and audit trails that simplify remote work management
  • Automated file backups that are accessible on desktop or mobile devices
  • Role-based permissions for added security across your team
  • Seamless integrations with Zoho Office Suite for collaborative work


WorkDrive has a free trial and paid plans that start at $2.50/user per month (when billed annually).

7. Zoom: Best for team meetings

Zoom homepage

Zoom is a communication platform that supports virtual meetings, team chats, and collaborative workspaces.

Key features

  • Video conferencing that connects workplaces and shares screens in real time
  • Webinar options for sharing resources with new hires and large audiences
  • Chats to keep your team up to date and start video calls or meetings
  • Whiteboard tools to help your team visualize projects and collaborate
  • Integrations with the best remote work software, including file-sharing tools


Zoom has a free forever plan that supports meetings up to 40 minutes long. Subscriptions start at $12.50/user per year (when billed annually).

8. 10to8: Best for client appointments

10to8 homepage

10to8 is an appointment booking app that streamlines client bookings and syncs with the calendar apps your team members already use.

Key features

  • Booking engine that handles virtual and in-person appointments 
  • Payment processing portal that accepts fees for consultations and services
  • Attendance tracking and team management system that works across time zones
  • Automated reminders to increase attendance and streamline services
  • Integrations with 5,000+ apps to help teams automate scheduling and client management


10to8 offers a free version that supports up to 10 appointments. Paid plans start at $7.20/user per month (when billed annually).

9. Culture Amp: Best for employee engagement

Culture amp homepage

Culture Amp is an employee experience tool designed to improve engagement and enhance company culture for in-office and remote teams.

Key features

  • Check-ins and 1-on-1 meetings for better feedback and more transparency
  • Goal tracking to help both managers and remote workers stay on track
  • Skills coach to get your team to level up, even when they work from home 
  • Turnover prediction to identify issues and improve talent retention
  • Integrations with HR software and payroll tools to make managing remote teams easier


Culture Amp has paid plans that start at $4/user per month.

10. Basecamp: Best for project management

Basecamp homepage

Basecamp is project management software that supports task scheduling, remote collaboration, and file sharing for teams and clients.

Key features

  • Gantt- and Kanban-style setups for project planning and task management 
  • Messaging and group chats that allow async discussions and replace emails
  • To-do lists that keep your team on track to complete tasks before deadlines
  • File storage space where teammates can share and discuss project files
  • Integrations with design, database, CRM, and other tools your team uses


Basecamp has paid subscriptions that start at $15/user per month.

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